The list of the most boring things in life includes free WiFi – and Prince Harry and Meghan


The absence of wireless internet has been named the most boring thing on the list of the top 40 – but Brits also hate hearing about Harry and Meghan, politics and the coronavirus

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle almost topped the list of the most boring topics

Among the 40 most boring things in life is waiting for the kettle to boil, going to Westminster – and Prince Harry in Meghan Markle.

A study involving 2,000 adults found they had to endure periods without WiFi is considered the most boring among respondents.

Coronavirus The top five also included press conferences and video ads that you can’t skip – along with waiting for websites to load and policies.

Those who take photos of their food and share pictures on social media, company meetings and Coldplay are also considered boring.

Just like waiting for your partner to get ready, you need to place crates and rice cakes.

People also get tired of listening to press conferences about the coronavirus


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It also turned out that four out of ten respondents said their lives were “quite boring” or “very boring” at the moment – but 72 per cent planned to make a concerted effort to have “more fun” this year.

A survey commissioned by Jet2holidays found that half of adults plan to spice things up by going on holiday – and are planning an average of two escapes.

A Jet2holidays spokesman said: “There are many aspects of our lives that we find stunning and boring, and the last two years have certainly not helped.

“But we hope the findings will inspire people to go out and increase their entertainment quotas – there’s a whole world of entertainment waiting to be explored.”

The study found that a typical adult spends 85 minutes a day feeling bored, which is the equivalent of 22 days each year.

And the average adult says he has nothing to do twice a day.

While more than a third (36 percent) admitted that it’s been so long since they had fun that they “barely remember” what fun is.

The research also revealed the biggest “separators of boredom” – holidays, reading, hobbies, meeting friends and exercising.

But people are planning at least two escapes this year to fight boredom


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Particularly on the topic of escapes, a study conducted by OnePoll also found out what consumers want from a break.

These include a wide selection of bars and restaurants, a lot of history, excellent architecture and a selection of museums.

Among the most popular activities you can do are boat trips, lounging on the beach, visiting theme parks and water parks.

A Jet2holidays spokesman added: “Staring at the same walls day after day is soon getting tiring and we’ve probably been doing this more than ever in the last few years.

“2022 is definitely the year when we return to normal and enjoy all those things we missed the most, such as going on holiday.

“Holidays are a complete elimination of boredom, as it allows us to not only escape the fatigue of everyday life, but also means we can explore different parts of the world in search of adventure – and what could be more exciting than that. ”


  1. No WiFi
  2. Hear about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  3. politics
  4. Coronavirus press conferences
  5. Video ads you can’t skip in front of the video you actually want to watch
  6. People take photos of their food
  7. Accepting cookies
  8. Watching golf
  9. cricket
  10. Spam
  11. Queue
  12. Formula 1
  13. I’m ironing
  14. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  15. Waiting for the last minute of the washing machine cycle to end
  16. football
  17. Kanye west
  18. Snooker
  19. You need to go to the warehouse to pick up the missing shipment
  20. Window cleaning
  21. Tax forms
  22. Darts
  23. Company meetings
  24. Performs dishwashing
  25. Waiting for your partner to get ready
  26. Rice cakes
  27. Driving around the shops for a partner
  28. Adele’s music
  29. Hear about other people’s dreams
  30. Coldplay
  31. Removal of moss from the terrace
  32. Update your resume
  33. Waiting for the kettle to boil
  34. bowls
  35. Quinoa
  36. Applying for jobs
  37. Withdrawal of containers
  38. Kale
  39. Sending meter readings
  40. Manufacture of flat furniture

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