The White House says free Covid tests can be ordered from Wednesday


Americans will be able to order four free ambulances Covid-19 per household on the U.S. government’s website, which will be published Jan. 19, Biden administration officials said Friday.

Last month, President Joe Biden has announced that the government will purchase 500,000 rapid Covid tests at home for free distribution to U.S. households. Biden said Thursday that the government will buy another half a billion tests to ensure a sufficient supply.

According to a White House officially, the government will have “half a billion tests” to be made available for the Jan. 19 order to “send them directly to U.S. households”.

The official added that Americans will be able to order tests on the website – which will be available from that day – or via a telephone hotline that will be available to anyone who will not be able to access the website.

In addition, officials said Biden’s administration is taking “a number of steps” to ensure the free testing program reaches the “most affected” and “highest risk” communities, including engaging in what the official described as partnerships with “national and local organizations with deep experience in serving color communities, people with disabilities and other high-risk communities ”.

These organizations will serve as “navigators” to help people in these communities submit requests and will also help raise awareness of the program.

The official said the program will limit the number of tests that can be ordered to four at the address of residence, and the tests will be shipped within seven to 12 days of placing the order.

The official added that the only information anyone will have to provide in order for the tests to be sent to them by post will be their name and residence address, and if order updates are desired, an email address can also be provided. All tests to be distributed as part of the free test program have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use, they added.

According to an information sheet provided by the White House, the administration will give priority to processing orders to households “experiencing the greatest social vulnerability” and those living in communities that accounted for a disproportionate share of Covid-19 cases and deaths, especially among the most recent wave caused by the Omicron version.

Americans living in U.S. mainland households who order Covid-19 tests through will typically receive their tests seven to 12 days after placing an order, which will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. But those who place orders from addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, or from military post offices abroad will receive their tests through Priority Mail.

While the official described the shipping time as “normal,” they said they “hope” the tests will be delivered sooner because the U.S. Postal Service has done “a lot of work” to ensure they are ready.

“They routinely ship 26 to 40 million packages a day, they’ve expanded their staff and expanded their staff during the holiday season to adjust that amount, and they’re taking advantage of that now,” they said.

“As the program accelerates, we expect the timeline to be shortened,” the official added.

According to the White House, the government has already contracted to purchase 420 million of these tests “on an extremely fast schedule”, which is working to pack these tests for sending by the postal service.

“While we are seeing record demand for testing at Omicron … we are making great strides to increase the supply of testing to meet that demand,” a management official said.

Asked if management was concerned that the website could crash due to the scale of its use, as did the Obama administration’s website during the federal government’s Affordable Care Act insurance market, the official said “the best technology teams “from around the world. the administration, the postal service, and the U.S. digital service have worked together to ensure the site is ready for a successful launch.

In addition, the official said the U.S. digital service follows “industry best practices” and “conducts load testing” to ensure the site carries the traffic it expects.

“They’re working to adjust to demand … they have signs in place to respond immediately, so we’re ready for that and we’re ready for Americans to start ordering their stuff on January 19,” the official said.


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