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Kickstarter’s new crowdfunding company… crossroads of blockchain and VC… action steps you can take today

The convergence of government legislative change and blockchain technology will revolutionize investment.

Those looking for funds will be able to access investors much more easily, with far fewer intermediaries (banks and brokerage firms – beware!).

This will allow business creators to focus more on development instead of constantly looking for resources.

Similarly, investors will see endless investment opportunities that can offer huge profits.

This comes from Cody Shirk, our venture capital expert. In its latest issue Summary of venture capital, Cody described in detail this intersection of private investment and technology.

It’s fascinating to see where “Web3.0” is taking our world, and it’s exciting to know that we can be part of funding these upcoming technologies – that can create a life-changing wealth.

I don’t write “lifechanging” carefree.

As Cody points out in his update, Meto (formerly Facebook) was first funded by a private investor named Peter Thiel. Thiel’s $ 500,000 start-up capital turned into more than $ 90 billion as Facebook grew from a small private company to a huge, publicly marketed juggernaut.

Of course, Thiel had access to this early Facebook investment because he was already extremely wealthy at the time. Regular investors like you and me – maybe only investing $ 500 or $ 1,000 or more – have not been granted access.

These days are over.

Here Cody explains why:

Thanks to the JOBS law, individuals now, regardless of their background, now have access to some of the most lucrative investment opportunities available through equity crowdfunding.

And as our financial system moves to blockchain technology, the door will open …

Today, we examine the intersection of venture capital and technology and how your place at its peak could bring you wealth in the years to come.

*** An example of the legislative changes that have created the opportunities we enjoy today

Before we jump, for the newer ones digest readers, Cody is a veteran venture capital investor who has done business around the world, resulting in a growing list of 1000% + venture capital winners under his belt.

It is in its free newsletter Summary of venture capital, shares tips and tricks for private investing… trends to follow… also deals that attract his attention. Cody’s digest is a fantastic way to keep your finger on the pulse of the world of venture capital.

Returning to today’s topic, here Cody explains the regulatory background for today’s venture capital opportunities:

The Jobs Act 2012 created new opportunities for private companies to raise capital. Two of the most notable changes were the introduction of Reg CF and Reg A +…

Both types of offers allow non-accredited investors to invest in private companies.

Prior to the JOBS Act, private investment investors had to prove a certain level of income and / or liquid net worth ($ 200,000 of annual income or $ 1 million of net worth, excluding primary residence).

These requirements excluded the majority of the population from participating in early private investment (also known as venture capital).

But, as we have already mentioned, this has now changed.

*** One of the earliest platforms to enable venture capital investments through crowdfunding was Kickstarter

Through Kickstarter, companies raised money from private investors called “supporters”. These supporters did not receive equity. Instead, there were other incentives.

Cody points to Peloton and Oculus as examples. The original Kickstarter campaigns for both companies gave early supporters an actual product instead of equity.

Kickstarter still works that way, which means “no equity.” But things seem to be evolving.

From Cody:

Although Kickstarter still offers supporters only the option to support start-up projects with “promises,” the platform will soon introduce a new feature that is likely to be the future for Reg CF and Reg A + offerings.

Starting this year, Kickstarter will move to a blockchain-based platform that should allow for much greater scalability and opportunities for those who want to launch projects and those who want to support them.

Here are more details from Bloomberg:

Kickstarter intends to unveil a project that will bring the two worlds together.

An independent company is emerging to build a crowdfunding system, similar to Kickstarter, but based on blockchain technology.

Today, money that may once have gone into Kickstarter campaigns flows through chains of blocks into so-called distributed [decentralized] autonomous organizations or DAO.

*** What are DAOs and how do they fit into venture capital crowdfunding?

“DAO” means a decentralized autonomous organization.

As the name suggests, there is no central organ. It is a collection of individuals who pool resources for a common purpose. These individuals can do so without central authority because of the open source code written in the blockchain. These rules are enforced by a network of computers running shared DAO software.

Cody calls them “the blockchain equivalent of the Kickstart project … just much, much better.”

But as Cody also points out, DAO is hard to understand from a dry definition like the one I just gave. The example is more illustrative.

Here’s an explanation using DAO called “LinksDAO”:

“The mission (LinksDAO) is to ‘create a modern golf and leisure club’ and ‘transform a rural club.’

Source: LinksDAO

In early January, “the public forging of two LinksDAO NFTs – Leisure Membership and Global Membership – sold out in just hours, generating $ 10.5 million in assets from the 9,090 NFT collection.”

These two different types of NFT will give holders access to any golf courses that LinksDAO intends to purchase. The LinksDAO home token you can invest in now is called “LINKS”.

With the transition to the blockchain, investors will have more than just the promise of a future product. They will have stocks of value in cryptocurrencies or tokens related to real world investments, all on a decentralized platform!

*** How to start taking advantage of all this

Cody writes that the future of all investments will be based entirely on blockchain.

What is an important step in this regard?

Well, take some time to learn about this world – not tomorrow, but today!

And then strive to find out more tomorrow, then the day after.

This means diving into cryptocurrencies, NFT (irreplaceable tokens), DAO, how to open different accounts and transfer small amounts of money, how to sign up for crowdfunding platforms and explore investment opportunities …

Just start dipping your finger into this world because this is the world to come.

We will continue to bring you Digestion about all these concepts in the coming days, but nothing is like diving into yourself.

*** I’ll give Cody my last word in a moment, but a quick administrative note

If you were a subscriber to Luke Lango’s Private business group, you will notice that you will receive Cody’s Venture capital investor newsletter.

We combine to simplify our services Private business group v Venture capital investor. Cody will monitor existing investments from Private business group, but at the same time it brings you new opportunities for the future. So keep an eye out for all the great content that comes up.

Coming back to today’s topic, here’s Cody taking us:

The next step is to take action to be a part of this revolution.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

I don’t think you read about them and research them (although that’s a great idea too!)…

I don’t even think you need to buy large quantities (although that might not be a bad idea either!) (

I think we should open an account and start buying, trading and trading cryptocurrencies.

You can use very little capital. The goal is to get to know how everything works and to make sure you can share value on the blockchain.

The easiest way to do this is to open an account with Coinbase or Crypto.com. There are many other options, but these two are user-friendly for beginners.

We’ll probably see some interesting investments in the coming years that involve exclusively blockchain – don’t miss out.

Personally, I see this as an extremely exciting time, as true capitalism can return to our economies. A system in which there is a level playing field that allows the most demanding workers with the best ideas to succeed … and where investors who risk supporting these entrepreneurs can also succeed.

Have a nice evening

Jeff Remsburg


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