When are the best times for DoorDash for more money? (Days + Hours!)


DoorDash drivers can earn as much as $ 25 an hour, but drivers in some areas earn less than $ 10 an hour. So why is there such a big difference and how can you make the most money by creating fast?

It’s about finding the best times for DoorDash. Depending on when you deliver, you could earn much higher prices at certain times of the day, which is in addition to the basic payment DoorDash pays per order.

For example, delivery on Monday morning will bring you much less money than if you delivered on Saturday night.

Want to know the best DoorDash times? I reveal the secrets below.

Absolutely the best time for DoorDash

The best time for Doordash varies by area, but almost everywhere is the best time for dinner. Dinner time can be from 17:00 to 21:00.

DoorDash states that their peak hours are lunch and dinner, either 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. So if you can plan your shifts during these times, you will earn the most money because it is the busiest and that’s when customers most often tip.

Do you now feel a step forward when you have unlocked the best days and hours?

DoorDash is a great option for people who want to choose their schedule and make money by the side.


When are the best times for DoorDash on the weekends?

The weekends are, of course, busier DoorDash drivers than during the week because more people order on the weekends. Just like the best time for DoorDash is also the best time to focus your time on lunch or dinner to earn the most, but there is one exception.

Late Friday night or Saturday you can earn great money delivery. When I say late, I mean hours – hours when everyone comes back from parties or bars and wants food. The exact times when you should be working vary depending on the hours of the restaurants in your area.

Some areas close early, while others stay awake until the early hours of the morning, when you could give some great advice. This is especially useful in student or entertainment places where most people stay out late.

Other great moments for DoorDash

With the exception of Monday, if you plan your delivery times around meals, especially lunches and dinners, any day of the week, you’ll make good money. To ensure a reserve, schedule an hour before and after regular meals to increase your earnings.

It’s a good idea to test your area as well. If you can deliver in an area with many businesses, you may find that lunch is the best time for DoorDash in your area. Business people often need lunch delivery and tips so they don’t have to leave the office.

Is DoorDash busy in the morning?

You may be wondering if it’s worth visiting DoorDash in the morning? All I’ve talked about so far is delivery at night and sometimes during lunch, especially during the week when business people need lunch delivery.

But don’t forget the mornings, especially on Sundays. Snack delivery is also important in many areas. Of course, test your area first and see if that’s the case. However, if this is the case and you can include Sunday deliveries in your schedule, you have more options for peak work and good DoorDash tips.

What are the best days for DoorDash?

Now that we’ve talked about the best times for DoorDash, I’m going to focus on the best days for DoorDash.

You’ve probably already guessed that Friday and Saturday are great delivery days, especially during dinner or late night shifts if you live in an area where many restaurants are open late, but Thursday to Sunday are usually the best days.

But that doesn’t mean sending during the week is a bad idea. Except Monday, most DoorDash drivers try to take as many shifts as possible while they are planned around lunch or dinner.

Are you ready for delivery?

Now that you know the best time for DoorDash for more money, you can start one step ahead of all other drivers.


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Tips for making the most money on DoorDash

Making the most money on DoorDash is not as easy as planning yourself during business hours. It’s about the service you offer and the promotions you can take advantage of that DoorDash offers.

Provide excellent customer service

To make the most of your tips, provide great customer service. Deliver food hot, communicate with the customer if a problem occurs, and do your best to provide the customer with a great experience.

Here are some ways to keep your customers happy:

  • Have a supply of napkins, straws and plastic silverware (wrapped) with you.. If a restaurant forgets to pack them, you can help your customers and tip you for generosity.
  • Be polite. Smiles and polite words are very helpful to customers. Remember that DoorDash customers can rate you after delivery, and they also have the option to increase your tip.

Delivery during peak hours

In some areas, DoorDash will pay higher prices for spikes. Get used to having spikes in your area and sign up for them to increase your earnings.

Join the DoorDash challenge

From time to time, DoorDash runs challenges that, if you complete them, will bring you more money. Challenges usually consist of completing a certain number of orders in a certain period of time.

Take advantage of guaranteed earnings

Select Dashers may be eligible for guaranteed earnings that provide a certain amount of money over a period of time. This does not include advice, so you know how much you will earn if you work within the required time period. In addition, if you provide excellent services, you will earn tips.

Take advantage of early planning

Did you know that Dashers who plan their shifts early get the first assignments? If no one takes them, they go to the drivers who used the “dash now” feature. It pays to plan ahead, and you can also get in the hottest shifts.

Continue with your acceptance level

DoorDash tracks how many orders you accept and reject. If you have an acceptance rate of more than 80%, you can plan your shifts early to gain access to the highest paid shifts. If your acceptance rate drops, you won’t get first in shifts and you may not make that much money with DoorDash.

Travel to more busy areas

If the area you live in is not occupied, consider traveling to a city or two to earn more. If the money is worth it, traveling may not be a bad idea. If you’re planning your biggest shift and working 4 hours or more, it can be more than worth your time.

Last word on the best times for DoorDash

Play with different shifts to determine the best time for DoorDash in your area. These are usually weekends for lunch and dinner, but you may live in an area where lunches during the week are great or where there is a late night shift.

No matter when you are deliver for DoorDash, provide excellent customer service, maintain acceptance levels, and take advantage of early planning to make the most of your side performance.


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