A 16-year-old boy yelled ‘do you want to be cut’ and then brutally stabbed his father


Jamal Adam-Neale stabbed Steven Cartwright in Southport with a piece of glass after he said “do you want to cut yourself?” and left him in need of a life-saving operation.

Jamal Adam-Neale shouted, “Do you want to be sliced?”

A 16-year-old teenager shouted, “Do you want to cut yourself?” Before pushing a piece of glass into his stomach to his father, who was outside after the family baptism.

Jamal Adam-Neale stabbed Steven Cartwright in a Southport alley last year in a brutal assault that required rescue surgery to remove part of his gut, reports Liverpool Echo.

Mr. Cartwright and friend Steven Johnson were in town with family and friends at a post-baptism celebration where he was the godfather.

In a rare move, the judge at Liverpool Crown Court decided that Adam-Neale’s identity could be declared despite being a child.

Judge Gary Woodhall said the seriousness of Adam-Neale’s attack, the public’s concern about the knife crime and the fact that he will come of age when he is released from custody are all factors in rejecting his request to prevent his appointment.

Adam-Neale stabbed Steven Cartwright in an alley in Southport in a brutal assault that required rescue surgery.


Liverpool Echo)

Matthew Conway, prosecutor, said Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Johnson walked by Downtown Southport in the early hours of August 23, when they came in contact with Adam-Neale, who was with some friends.

It was not clear what started the quarrel between the two groups as they passed Scarisbrick Avenue, but it escalated rapidly.

Adam-Neale hit Mr Cartwright and Mr Johnson, broke Mr Cartwright’s elbow and injured Mr Johnson’s head before he escaped and picked up a large piece of glass, the court heard.

Mr Conway, describing CCTV footage, said: “Then it goes towards the ski jump. He first picks up a piece of wood and discards it.

“Then he takes a piece of glass.”

Adam-Neale then ran back towards Mr. Cartwright and found him in the alley.

Mr Conway said: “He shouted something like ‘I have a knife, I have a knife, do you want to be cut’.”

The defendant then stabbed Cartwright once in the abdomen and twice in the back before fleeing and being arrested by police on the Southport coast.

Mr. Cartwright, a barber, needed surgery to remove part of his bowel and has since lost his apprenticeship due to inability to work due to injuries.

In a statement to the court, he said the consequences of the attack were devastating.

He said, “Not only have they changed my life, but they have also changed the lives of my son and fiancée. Even our extended family and friends are now afraid to go to Southport and feel traumatized by what happened to me.

“This crime is so unethical, illegal and socially outrageous. How can someone this age go out and commit such a horrible crime? “

Jo Maxwell, who is defending herself, said Adam-Neale asked her to apologize to Mr Cartwright and Mr Johnson.

She asked Judge Gary Woodhall to take Adam-Neal’s youth into account when sentencing, and noted his interviews with workers who worked with young offenders who said he was responding well to detention and could be rehabilitated.

Judge Woodhall said in sentencing that Adam-Neale currently poses a major risk to the public.

However, he decided that the confidence among youth workers that a teenager could be rehabilitated meant that he could not be considered a dangerous offender – which would make him more time behind bars.

He said: “I am absolutely pleased that you are sitting in front of me today, posing a great risk to the public.

“However, I have to take into account the risk you pose in the future, and given what lies ahead, I’m not happy that you’re meeting that threshold.”

Adam-Neale of Liverpool’s Falkner Street was detained for four years and four months after pleading guilty to intentionally injuring himself and two counts of ordinary assault.

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