Andrew’s lawyers want to question his prosecutor’s husband and psychologist


Lawyers for the Duke of York she wishes to question her prosecutor’s husband and her psychologist in the context of his civil sexual affairs.

According to court documents, they are looking for witness statements from Virginia Giuffre’s partner Robert Giuffre and dr. Judith Lightfoot.

Both Mr. Giuffre and Dr. Lightfoot are residents Australia and would be asked for an affidavit, in person or via video link.

Duke of York’s lawyers want to interrogate husband and psychologist Virginia Giuffre (Crime + Investigation / PA)

(PA media)

The legal claims come after news earlier this week that a judge rejected Andrew’s lawyers’ motion to dismiss the case and ruled he could go to trial.

In recently released documents, the Queen’s son’s lawyers claim that Ms. Giuffre “may suffer from false memories”, and state that Dr. Lightfoot reviewed the “theory of false memories” among other topics, including matters discussed during their meetings and any recipes she prescribed. wrote for Andrei’s prosecutor.

They also want to be able to review documents, including the doctor’s notes from all meetings with Mrs Giuffre.

Meanwhile, lawyers want to hear Mr Giuffre about a number of areas, including the circumstances in which he met his now wife around 2002 and the finances of Giuffre’s household.

Lawyers want witnesses to be obtained by April 29 this year “or as soon as possible.”

The trial will take place between September and December.

Andrew’s lawyers have asked a U.S. court to issue letters to the Australian Central Authority to help obtain testimony.

The Duke of York was stripped of his military affiliation and royal patronage (Jonathan Brady / PA)

(PA wire)

The demands of the Duke’s lawyers follow similar demands of Mrs. Giuffre’s legal representatives.

Her team is seeking testimonies from Andrew’s former horseman Robert Olney and a woman named Shukri Walker who claims to have seen the royal at the Trump nightclub.

Documents provided by Ms Giuffre’s legal team say Mr Olney’s name appears in Jeffrey Epstein’s telephone directory under “the Duke of York”.

They say this means that Mr Olney probably has relevant information about Andrew’s journey to and from Epstein’s estates during the period in question.

Documents say that Ms. Walker publicly stated in the press that she witnessed Andrew’s presence with Trump at an appropriate time with a young woman who may have been Ms. Giuffre.

Ms. Giuffre is suing the Duke of the United States for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager, and claims that Andrew’s friend, convicted sex offender Epstein, sold her to have sex with the Duke when she was 17 and she was a minor under U.S. law.

The Duke vehemently denied the allegations.

Ms Giuffre claims that Andrew had sex with her against her will at Maxwell London at home and in Epstein’s mansion on Upper east side Manhattan.

The Duke also allegedly abused Mrs. Giuffre on another occasion during a visit to Epstein’s private island of Little St James and on a separate occasion at Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan.

The aftermath of Andrew’s civil sexual case continued on Friday as he faced calls to pay for his own safety and lose the duchy.

Criticism of Andrew’s account is growing after the Queen stripped him of his remaining patronage and honorary military roles as the monarchy distanced itself from the duke in the face of potentially damaging events in his lawsuit.


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