Attention! Applying these 5 things to your face can ruin your skin


Applying anything and everything to your face can cause serious skin care problems. These problems can be prolonged if you are not careful enough.

Don’t you want clean porcelain skin that is flawless and radiant? And in this endeavor, you begin to focus on your skin care routine. This is good practice to follow. However, most of us take our skin for granted! Without any thought, we apply ourselves to the cosmetics that are most loaded with chemicals, leave makeup behind due to pure laziness, and make so many other mistakes.

Some of you, ladies, try all the skin care products available on the internet without considering many factors. Before deciding on any trend, you need to consider your skin type and the effects of these ingredients on your face.

These mistakes cannot just be caused skin allergies, burns, boils and hyperpigmentation, as well as making you look prematurely aged. Yes, ladies, we know it sounds like a nightmare, but it’s true!

Dr. Stuti Khare Shukla, a dermatologist and founder of Elements of Aesthetics, spoke to HealthShots about the effects of the wrong ingredients or products on your face. She also shared a list of 5 things you might apply to your face, but you should stop!

Avoid applying these 5 things to your face:

1. Milo milo

Did you use soap on your face if there was no face wash or just because you were too lazy to find it? showering? This is your sign to stop. Dr Shukla says: “Soap has an alkaline pH while your skin has an acidic pH. Therefore, it interferes with the protective barrier of your skin and causes many skin problems such as dryness and peeling, which can make your skin permanently sensitive.

Using soap on your face is not a good idea! licensed wizard: Shutterstock

2. Vaseline

If you have applied Vaseline to your skin in cold weather, you are tempted by skin problems. Vaseline should not be used on the face because it is very thick occlusive. It makes a very thick layer on your skin, which can again cause various problems. People with oily skin can experience more acne and outbreaks on their skin. If you want to moisturize your skin properly, opt for a moisturizer or a light moisturizer that seeps through your skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid when buying a moisturizer. Dr. Shukla does not recommend the use of Vaseline on the skin unless you are experiencing intense peeling of the skin and skin problems such as eczema.

3. Toothpaste

Well, this one emerged as a cure for viral acne and took over the world. However, applying toothpaste to your face can be the worst mistake in skin care you do. Spot treat your acne or pimples with toothpaste can sometimes burn the skin due to the presence of chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. “Toothpaste can’t prevent your acne from appearing. It can sometimes dry out acne, but it also leaves a bad mark on your face. It is important for patients to understand that a dermatologist’s opinion is best when you are worried about your acne. says Dr. Shukla.

home remedies for pimplesWhatever happens, don’t squeeze the dots and don’t apply toothpaste to them! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is something that is not meant for your skin. And if you rub your skin with alcohol, it can make its own skin more dry and sensitive, which can progress to other skin problems. Dr. Shukla says, “Alcohol can further break down the barrier of your skin. Therefore, it is better to refrain from applying alcohol to the skin. “

5. Body lotion

Do you drain a piece of body lotion and apply it on your face and neck as well? You have to stop! The skin on the face is much thinner and more sensitive. And no matter how your body lotion is similar to your moisturizer, it’s not made for your face! Usually, body lotions contain heavier ingredients, such as butter and oils, in their formulations that do not fit your facial skin. These heavier ingredients can worsen skin problems such as acne.




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