Beer habits to avoid if you don’t want high cholesterol, says dietitian – don’t eat this


It is true that foods are high in content saturated fat you can raise cholesterol, but they are not the only culprits.

Surprisingly there is strong evidence indicating that foods high in cholesterol do not directly raise cholesterol levels. In fact, when it comes to elevated cholesterol levels, there are many lifestyle and genetics factors at play.

Cholesterol levels are influenced author:

  • Healthy food
  • Alcohol
  • Exercise habits
  • Stress
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Weight management
  • age
  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Smoking

Improving your cholesterol is likely to be due to what you eat and what you practice to limit. Let’s delve into the exact drinking habits that need to be changed to start improving your cholesterol levels!

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Added sugars you can raising LDL cholesterol, also known as “bad” cholesterol. One way this happens is through the liver. Excess sugar signals the liver to produce more bad substances and less good cholesterol.

It’s hard to drink less soda. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Consider this personal account How I stopped drinking soda.

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A sober curious life is in trend – and for good reason! In addition to the mental health benefits, drinking less alcohol is good for your heart. In fact, the health benefits of even moderate alcohol consumption – defined as one standard drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men – are now the subject of debate.

When in doubt, it may be wise to drink more carefully. Make a mocktail at home if you feel fine, and enjoy the health benefits of less alcohol!

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Ice tea

If you live in the south, it can sting you. Sweet tea it contains a lot of calories and added sugars, which we already know raise “bad” cholesterol.

Sweet tea is often consumed normally. This means drinking it out of habit at every meal or as a substitute. These daily habits add up and even empty calories from sugary drinks don’t help.

They are known to have sugary drinks a negative effect to our weight over time, leading to an increased incidence of obesity. Weight gain and obesity are associated with increased cholesterol levels.

For more, we have covered you with The best and worst bottled teas in America.

coffee cream

Coffee cream they are extremely tasty, but this “extra” adds a lot of sugar and fat to your cup of your choice. Creams are also based on dairy products, which contain a large amount of saturated fats – one type of fat that can raise cholesterol for some people more than for others.

Consider measuring a serving or two in your coffee to see how much you actually drink. Choose a cream with less added sugar and fat and see if you succeed with a serving!

conventional milk

Whether you’re drinking milk, coffee cream, or a new kefir option, pay attention to the added calories from saturated fats. Choose low fat, 1% or 2% fat options most of the time.

For an added cholesterol bonus, focus on combining saturated fat foods with fiber-rich options to “bind” the excess cholesterol your body produces. A high fiber diet proven to lower the level of “bad” cholesterol!

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