Boris Johnson’s BYOB bash is far from a joke, as people have suffered heart attacks


Hannah Brady signed the death certificate of her father Shaun on May 20, 2020, when the ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ party was held in the Downing Street Garden. She said revealing “weaknesses”

Calls for Boris Johnson’s resignation have surfaced

The revelations of the garden party on Downing Street have sparked widespread ridicule on social media.

Homer Simpson, Phil Mitchell, and Brenda of Bristol have appeared in witty memes mocking the Battle Lock. BYOB bash.

But it was hard to laugh when there were massively more humorous posts than heartbreaking. Posts showing frightened and confused old ladies staring out the windows of their nursing home. Children in tears because they could not hug their grandparents.

And, most excitingly, portraits of Covid’s victims at baptisms at funerals, where few mourners could not even hold hands. All pictures taken on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the day of our arrogant Prime Minister stuck two fingers in the rest of the country and went for an insidious drink in his garden.

Hannah Brady, whose father Shaun, 55, died of coronavirus in May 2020


Julian Hamilton / Daily Mirror)

Hannah Brady signed the death certificate of her father Shaun that day after Covid killed him at 55. Four months later, she was sitting alone in garden no. 10, as 55-year-old Johnson, a Covid survivor, told her. face: “I did everything I could to save him.”

Really, Prime Minister? For example, to have eggs to stop this party and expel everyone because they violated the rules that YOU imposed on the nation?

Of course not. You joined the party. Because the rules didn’t really apply to you or your staff – just small people. And because you gave your staff permission to party, they had other kneeling on Downing Street.

Like the two departing dosas thrown on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral when the Union flag fluttered on the roof. Suitcases full of drinks, a laptop that exudes melodies, and strong spirits in the garden. While the mourning queen could not even spend the night with her children because she was determined to set an example.

The queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral


Getty Images)

The next day, she sat alone at her husband’s socially distant funeral, a symbol of the sacrifice of the Covid nation.

When sad images of Her Majesty were shared on social media, many people still believed that her Prime Minister was “doing everything she can”.

But now we know he wasn’t – because this charlatan doesn’t care about little people.

After his “sincere” apology before Wednesday’s party, Boris entered the Commons tea room and told Tory MPs that “we are taking blows for something we don’t deserve.”

I’m not sorry.

Hannah Brady, a spokeswoman for the Covid-19 Mourning Families group for justice, says the revelations at the party’s door make her “sick.”

Not the only one.

Decent people who obey the laws across Britain are now mortally ill from the duplicitous Boris Johnson and want his party to oust him.

Because his lies, arrogance and utter hypocrisy mock the office of Prime Minister.

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