British anger on ‘wine Fridays’ as no. 10 organized drinks every week during the pandemic


Sources told the Mirror that the Prime Minister encouraged aides to “let off steam”, despite the fact that socializing indoors is prohibited under strict prison rules – as they threatened the British with fines for violating the rules by organizing meetings in indoors.

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Douglas Ross urges Boris Johnson to resign over the party

People whose family and friends died alone during the Covid pandemic reacted angrily to the allegations Every Friday they organize drinks no. 10.

Sources told the Mirror that the prime minister encouraged aides to “let off steam”, despite the fact that socializing indoors is prohibited. constipation rules.

The regular event was so popular that staff even invested £ 142 in a drink fridge to keep their bottles of white wine, prosecco and beer.

An outstanding picture of the refrigerator delivered through the back door of Downing Street on December 11, 2020 has emerged.

He reports that staff took a suitcase to the supermarket before the party on the eve of the day to stock up on drinks. Prince Philip His funeral was not a one-off.

After Friday’s “wine time” report surfaced, sad people on Twitter explained why behavior no. 10 so enraged.

One answer to The Mirror’s exclusive story Twitter he said, “I had‘ wine Fridays. ’I raised my glass for my dead schoolboy, my lonely elderly parents, my protective isolation, my fear, my hope that my loved ones would survive.

A picture of a wine cooler being delivered to Downing Street has surfaced

“I did it myself, according to the rules and often – I cried quietly. Now I can’t properly express my anger.”

Another reader who responded to the Mirror story said: “On December 11, 2020, I moved in with my mother, 62, who was in palliative care.

“Her friends were saying goodbye through the window, the family was FaceTiming, but she was too sick to make sense of the calls.

The queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral


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“She died 2 weeks later, only I was with her. How can they avoid that?”

A third wrote: “My wife worked in childcare. Her department for several agencies was so decimated because of Cuts that it was stressful to heaven.

“I hear at No. 10, those used to break down alcohol 2 relieved stress and” laughed. “My wife had a ‘crying hallway’ where they could cry and comfort each other.”

Boris Johnson apologized for attending a party that violated a prison held in his garden on Downing Street


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Another said: “I will never forget looking at the thousands of meters of younger nurses who spent 12.5 hours in personal protective clothing and had to deal with how to care for people who die from this bizarre virus and then they are sent to the nursing home they have reserved to avoid the virus at home for their families. “

Horrific new allegations have emerged that two staff members left the dos at the same time in no. 10 on the night of Friday, April 16th.

One staff member no. 10 were reportedly sent to Co-Op on the Strand, a 10 minute walk away to fill a suitcase with wine.

They would take him back through Trafalgar Square, where the British Locking Act forbade meeting in groups of more than six.

The staff later spilled over into the garden, which is protected from the eyes of the horse guard parade by high brick walls covered with safety wire.

A group of men dressed as Boris Johnson stage a protest against the closure in front of Downing Street


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They tried swinging the one-year-old son of the prime minister. He was reported to have broken it in the process.

The restless staff is said to be saying goodbye to the photographer, while leaving separately for spin leader James Slack.

The former prime minister’s official spokesman, who left the Daily Mail to rise to director of communications at no. 10, had an outgoing speech elsewhere in the building before the two parties allegedly merged.

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