Ciryl Gane admits UFC star Francis Ngannou is “smart” to demand a boxing move


Ngannou refuses to sign a new deal before his showdown with Gane at UFC 270 unless promotion allows him to move into boxing while under contract

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Francis Ngannou discusses sparring with Ciryl Ghana

Ciryl Gane thinks his opponent is UFC 270 Francis Ngannou is “smart” for moving away from the UFC to boxing.

The temporary holder of the Ghanaian title will face undisputed champion Ngannou on January 22 in Houston, Texas at the UFC’s first pay-per-view event of the year.

Ngannou is on the verge of advancing in a contract crisis, as his fight with Gane is said to be the last in his current deal with the UFC.

It is believed, however, that ‘The Predator’ will owe the UFC another fight if it wins against Ghana over a ‘champion clause’ that extends the contract.

Ngannou wants to stay with the UFC after his contract expires, but requires a clause that will allow him to compete in boxing while under contract.

And Gane thinks Ngannou is smart that he demanded the clause because of the money that can be earned in boxing.

Francis Ngannou wants to switch to boxing


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“It’s a smart move, it’s a new move. Everyone knows you have more money in this game [boxing] for a long time, so it’s a smart move, ”he told reporters, among other things Mirror fight .

Despite Ngannou’s desire to get involved in boxing, Ghana doesn’t think the champion would look past him at UFC 270.

“No, I think Francis is a smart guy, he talks about it and he talks about the future, but he’s really focused on the present.

“He knows he’s having a challenge with me, so I think he’s taking me seriously.”

Ngannou will refuse to fight for the UFC if he wins later this month if the promotion refuses to offer him a new deal.

The Cameroonian – who has been unbeatable for more than three years – said he accepted the match with his former training partner Gane only for “personal reasons”.

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Ngannou and Ghana trained with each other at the MMA Factory in Paris, and Ngannou left the gym in 2018 after arguing with coach Fernando Lopez.

Ngannou’s desire to box is not a new venture, as he left Cameroon for France a decade ago to practice the sport, and later it was MMA’s turn.

And Ghana may relate to Ngannou’s desire to seek a higher salary, but he insists he’s happy with his current UFC deal.

“I understand, he is defending his money, this is really normal. He wants more, everyone wants more, but I am really happy with myself and really ok with more contract,” he continued.

“It’s the worst job, it’s not my job, it’s the job of my manager. I don’t know exactly, but today I’m very happy with my contract.”

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