Gary Neville and Ian Wright in a dispute over the postponement of the match Tottenham against Arsenal


Gary Neville and Ian Wright got into an argument on Twitter after Arsenal demanded a postponement of Sunday’s North London derby match at Tottenham Hotspur.

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Mikel Arteta preview of the North London derby

Gary Neville in Ian Wright started a verbal war over whether or not it was Premier League should postpone the North London derby between Tottenham Hotspur in Arsenal.

Sunday’s game at the Spurs hangs in the balance after Arsenal demanded the postponement of the conflict on Friday night, saying there aren’t enough players available for a full team.

The former Manchester United Captain Neville blew up the Gunners report that night, mostly due to injuries and away players at African Cup of Nations, but Sky Sports the expert encountered a response from former Arsenal striker Wright.

In response to Neville tweet reaffirms its position that games should be forced to continue “from now on”, unless it matters Covid-19 outbreak, Wright wrote : “FROM NOW ON [with a laughing emoji]”

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Neville says the North London derby should continue


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“It’s not about Arsenal or the fans. It’s not about Super Sunday on Sky anymore!”

Neville shot back : “Ni Ian [with a confused emoji]. ”

The player, who has become an expert, has previously tweeted: “I repeat, this is not about Arsenal, but all teams should be forced to play in the PL and EFL from now on.

“Also why has the decision been delayed until today when the request was made last night at 6.30pm? Fans will be leaving from everywhere and will be in limbo!”

On Friday night, after news of the request surfaced, Neville was critical of Arsenal and said Sky Sports : “[Folarin] Balogun went on loan, [Ainsley] Maitland-Niles he went on loan, Xhaka has a red card – no one else is to blame.

“We can’t cancel the schedule. If it all depended on Covid and the extraordinary circumstances when 10 or 15 players were out [it would be acceptable].

“But now we’re talking about teams in the last few weeks where there’s no doubt they’ve canceled matches, whether they think they have the best team or the best team to win.”

Arsenal on Friday demanded a postponement of the match at Tottenham


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Earlier on Friday, warden Mikel Arteta He claimed that Gunners’ intention was to play, but admitted that he was not sure if a duel that could be crucial in the race for 4th place and qualifying for Champions League, I would go on.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to say with complete honesty without judging our players,” Arteta explained.

“What is very unlikely today is likely to happen tomorrow. It went the other way for us when we were ready to play the match and it was canceled twice because the other team was having trouble so it can go both ways. our goal is always to play. “

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