Ghana hopes to bring the UFC to Paris for the first time with a win over Ngannou


The UFC has yet to host an event in France, as the country has legalized MMA, but Ghana hopes to be able to bring advancement to Paris with a win at UFC 270

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Francis Ngannou discusses sparring with Ciryl Ghana

Ciryl Gane is confident he will be able to convince the UFC to host his first event in France if he breaks through Francis Ngannou this month.

Ghana – born in a small town in western France – will face off against his old training partner and current heavyweight champion Ngannou on 22 January in the UFC 270 main event.

MMA was actually banned in France six years ago after the use of the octagon and several key techniques of the sport was banned.

But in September 2019, French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu announced that they would lift the MMA ban in the country and begin the process of regulating the sport.

Promotions like Ares FC have since hosted events in France, with Bellator doing the same, but the UFC has yet to visit the country.

Ciryl Gane will fight Francis Ngannou at UFC 270


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And Ghana thinks winning the UFC 270 would help him negotiate with the UFC to bring the event to his homeland.

“If I win, I think I can ask the UFC and I can try a little harder for that because I’m going to be a champion, so I hope that helps me with that,” he said. Mirror fight .

“Of course this is the dream of many fans in my country, as it is also my dream. I want the UFC to bring me to Paris and me with the main event.”

UFC President Dana White has admitted that he would like to host Ngannou against Gane in France, a Covid-19 the pandemic prevented them from doing so.

Ngannou and Ghana used to train together at the MMA Factory gym in Paris, but Ngannou found a new coach in 2018 after a clash with head coach Fernando Lopez.

The temporary holder of the Ghanaian title was confused when Ngannou turned him down and former coach Lopez while walking past the duo behind the scenes of UFC 268 last year.

Who wins UFC 270, Ngannou or Ghana? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below

Ngannou also ignored his former teammate Nassourdine Imav – who just won the fight at the event – something Gane said was “wrong”.

And since Imav is reserved for the next fight with Kelvin Gastelum, Ghana believes there is a possibility his teammate could be fighting for the title this year.

“With this guy, anything is possible, I think I have something in my eyes, I see everything, so maybe I’m a great fighter today and I’m learning fast,” he continued.

“I see potential in people and for me Nassaourdine Iamov is this future and anything is possible.

“For me, he will win this fight against Kelvin Gastelum, he can do another fight in the summer and then at the end of this year it may be possible [he fights for the title]. “

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