Heidi Klum compares the anxiety of being single with Snoop Dogg to nude model poses


Supermodel alongside rap legend Snoop Dogg is releasing a song titled Chai Tea With Heidi. She says it’s easier to undress in front of the cameras than to reveal her vocals for everyone to hear.

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Heidi Klum shared her concern about the release of her new single – a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, which exemplifies Sir Rod Stewart’s classic song.

48-year-old supermodel she replaced the catwalks for music charts by embarking on a pop career with her song Chai Tea With Heidi.

The dance track is her first music release in more than 15 years – after releasing the song Wonderland in November 2006, which was the soundtrack to fashion ads in Germany.

Heidi says the presentation of her vocals is more nervous undress for the cameras as she has worked over the years as part of her life as a model.

Heidi Klum is nervous about releasing music


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Her song contains a sample of Sir Rod Stewart’s song


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Talk about her new music with Sun, Heidi explained: “I’ve sung a bit before – on America’s Got Talent and once in the past with my ex-husband on the show, but releasing my own single is completely out of my comfort zone.

“It started as a themed tune for my show, Germany’s next top model, but when we included Snoop Dogg and put it together, we thought,‘ Why not post it properly ’- I just like Snoop, I’m a big fan so I couldn’t be more enthusiastic. “

She also highlighted her nerves, adding, “Obviously I’ve had a lot of appearances on catwalks, showing off my body and taking photos without clothes, but that’s probably the most intimidating thing.”

Heida’s song is sampled by Sir Rod Rod’s 1983 song Jane Jane, and the model recorded the song without first getting permission from Sir Rod.

She then frantically tried to contact the musician to get his permission for the film.

Heida’s anxiety intensified when she did not respond to a music friend’s email address from a mutual friend – she left her for fear that her single would have to be canceled.

Then she checked her spam and found, “He said it sounded a lot of fun, and sent a thumbs up. That was a great relief. “

Heidi had previously lent her vocals to songs by her ex-husband Seal in the days when they were married.

She sang in the song Wedding Day in a duet with her now ex-husband – a song written by the British singer to celebrate their 2005 wedding.

Heidi and Seal – whose real name is Henry Samuel – made a commitment in 2004, but divorced in 2014.

Together they have three children, 16-year-old Henry, 15-year-old Johan and 12-year-old Lou – while Seal also adopted Heidi’s 17-year-old daughter Lent from Heidi’s previous marriage to Rico Pippin, which lasted from 1997 to 2002.

Heidi had previously performed in a duet with her ex-husband Seal



Heidi is now married to guitarist Tom Kaulitz


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The host of Making The Cut is now married to the guitarist of the German rock band Tom Kaulitz (32), whom she married in 2019.

It treats age that is different from herself and her husband, Heidi told SheKnows: “You know, a lot of people didn’t give us positive vibes when we started walking because I’m 16 years older than him.

“But even there, I feel like it’s right when you close the door at home and know what you have together, I think that’s the most important thing.”

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