Legend West Ham Brooking compares Moyes ’current team to Hammers’ golden age


The royal member of the East End, who scored the goal when the Hammers last won the trophy in 1980, says the Hammers’ improvement after closing is “amazing”

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Rumors of a move to the Premier League – January 14

Bow down to win, Sir Trevor Brooking’s a header in the FA Cup final was the biggest noise among them Eastenders more than 40 years until Danny Dyer left Albert Square.

Contrary to popular wisdom, Brooking’s nod to history in bubble heart places wasn’t the only headshot among his 102 goals for West Ham.

But it was enough to overcome Arsenal at Wembley in 1980, the last time a second-tier club lifted an old pot.

The Hammers ’triumph would have been even nicer if Willie Young hadn’t applied the Lumberjacks Act with a cynical flaw over 17-year-old Paul Allen to knock down the tallest pine tree in the woods.

It seems incredible that the last time West Ham won the trophy, Alan Devonshire’s glittering legs at large, David Cross – whose daughter Kate is trying to reclaim ashes for English women in a remote penal colony – was a center-forward and wild Billy Bonds. he was a captain.

Man of the People: Sir Trevor Brooking addresses the crowd


Stephen Pond)

Now David Moyes has built a site with the ability to harness silver and despite the pre-Christmas swing, West Ham have once again climbed to the top of the Premier League like eels on jelly.

And Sir Trevor, who has 73 years of ill health, says Moyes delivers a style and content worthy of Hammers godparents Ron Greenwood and John Lyall.

“For older fans who have been on the slide for the last 40 or 50 years, the quality of football over the last 18 months must be rewarding,” said the former doyen of the English midfielder.

“Personally, I will not have high expectations about what awaits me in the next four months – but I see that the future is bright and, whatever happens, the next three or four seasons will be really good to watch.

“It was nice to see Declan Rice become an actor and a leader, and for a lot of people, the difference in the whole atmosphere around the place since it was closed is amazing.

“I have to say that David Moyes encouraged West Ham to play the kind of football that Ron Greenwood and John Lyall would approve of – and I don’t say that easily.

Blowing Bubbles: West Ham celebrates victory in the 1980 FA Cup



“When fans were jailed for a year because of a pandemic, it was weird for people like me to be able to attend matches.

“Football was enjoyable and West Ham went to great lengths to rank in the top four, especially at the time Jesse Lingard was loaned out with us, but it was hard to get too excited as there was hardly anyone else to talk about. you could talk. to.

“When the fans were allowed back and maybe a lot of people were wondering if David could lift the team again, they had some more wonderful fun and the bad old days were gone like a bad dream.”

He famously won the West Ham Cup in 1980 with a goal by Sir Trevor Brooking



West Ham embarked on a new cup march by running Leeds – which returns to Taxpayers Stadium this weekend – and are better equipped than their fragile claret and blue predecessors to negotiate a minefield in the fourth round at Kidderminster, who is not in the league.

Brooking hopes his head will be replaced in the East End pantheon every year.

“Winning the cup was an amazing bonus because we finished in seventh place in the old second division and John (Lyall) was determined to lay the right foundation.

He brought in Phil Parkes, an outstanding goalkeeper who earned much more than just one England team, Ray Stewart – who took a sharp penalty but was also a successful right-back – and added them to Bonzo (Billy Bonds), Frank. Lampard and Alvin Martin, who was breaking through.

Longtime captain Mark Noble (left) deserves a write-off with the trophy, Brooking says


Arfa Griffiths)

This defensive unit gave us the basis to compete with anyone, and a player like me and Devo (Devonshire) also gave us a license to play.

“While it’s nice to talk about a beautiful day 42 years ago, it may soon be the turn of someone else to talk about West Ham winning the Cup.

“To be honest, I see similarities between the team from 1980 and the one built by David Moyes – he arranged the defense and this solidarity gave the boys confidence.

Moyes ’team has played great football this season



“I don’t think you collect 1,000 games as a coach like David if you don’t find yourself on the football field, and the big question is whether he can take us to the next level.

There are some big carnivores in this upper class that will be hard to defeat, but we have defeated them Liverpool in Chelsea at home the boys did well in Europe and in FA Cup it still needs to be won.

“I think it would be a fitting end to Mark Noble’s playing career as a man from one club who put his heart and soul into West Ham for over 550 games if he could lift the trophy in the end. ”

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