Non-invasive fat loss treatment helps the mother in losing belly after pregnancy


A mother of three has revealed how she lost 3.5 inches of belly fat in just six weeks – after a decade of unsuccessful exercise.

Kirsty O’Keefe, 50, from London, found it ‘impossible’ to change her weight after birth after the birth of her third child, aged 40, no matter how hard she worked.

As she approached her 50th birthday, she wanted to celebrate with a group vacation to the hot country, but she was aware that she was showing off her ‘loose and wrinkled’ belly in a bikini.

The mother, who is a British clothing size 10-12, decided to try a new ‘non-surgical liposuction’ that uses radiofrequency heat to break down fat cells while training the abdominal muscles.

Kirsty, 50, from London, found that after the birth of her third child, aged 40,

London’s 50-year-old Kirsty O’Keefe has revealed how she lost 3.5 centimeters of belly fat in just six weeks – after a decade of unsuccessful exercise

Kirsty recalled desperately wanting to lose weight for 10 years, she said: “I gave birth to my third child at 40 and no matter how much I exercised, I couldn’t remove the last bit of fat from my belly. I also found that the skin on my abdomen also needed to be tightened a bit.

“I’m an average size of 10/12, but I wanted my belly to be more toned and less wrinkled – after three pregnancies it was a bit loose and the workout just didn’t work.”

She continued: “I just turned 50 and was planning a trip with friends to celebrate, but I wanted to feel comfortable in a bikini.”

The mum, a size 10-12 garment from the UK, decided to try a new ‘non-surgical liposuction’ that uses radiofrequency heat to break down fat cells while training the abdominal muscles.

Kirsty has decided to try six sessions of the new ‘non-invasive liposuction treatment’, which promises to be targeted at the same time for fat loss, muscle toning and skin tightening.

A mother of three, she was surprised when she managed to lose 3.5 inches from her waist in six weeks, and says she finally feels comfortable enough to be able to wear a bikini.

The sessions last less than an hour and you visit a therapist who applies the gel to the target area before flying it over with a handpiece that emits radiofrequency heat.

Kirsty said: ‘The first session made me feel a little uncomfortable, the next day my stomach felt slightly sensitive, but as the sessions continue, you get more and more used to it.

‘The machine shrinks and gets stuck in the muscles so it’s a little weird feeling, but nothing painful or unbearable.

‘Each session only lasts 40 minutes and there are no outages, so I was able to return to my busy day as usual.’

Kirsty attended the weekly meeting for six weeks and was surprised by the results.

Seen before treatment

Seen after treatment

In second place, Amelia, 40, wanted to lose her post ‘mum tum’ and saw results after four sessions (visible left before and right after). She said: “I was disappointed with the loose skin and a small piece of belly fat after pregnancy that I just couldn’t shake off with diet and exercise. I didn’t want perfection, but just a little help.”

Seen before treatment

Seen after treatment

Amelia said: (seen left before and right after) ‘I’m taller and don’t worry so much if I’m wearing a 2-piece swimsuit. I am more comfortable in my body and I am proud of what is that will not go away.

She said: “I noticed the difference right after the first session when I compared the photos and measurements Susan took before starting, I could hardly wait for the next treatment and to see how the results will improve in the coming weeks.”

“I was hoping the results of the treatment would be quick and after the first treatment she definitely made a big difference. I finished all 6 workouts in 6 weeks, I couldn’t have achieved that if I had gone to the gym alone. ‘

Susan admitted that she feels much more confident than before, adding: “I lost 3.5cm in 6 weeks.

“I look and feel more toned, the skin on my belly is more toned and at 50 I feel fantastic! The clothes definitely fit better and I feel confident and comfortable in a bikini. ‘

She added: “It started out as my little secret, but the results were so fantastic that I had to share it with friends. My closest friends are very enthusiastic about their results. ‘

What is a non-invasive fat loss treatment?

What is it?

The non-invasive fat loss treatment advocated by SV Aesthetics in London’s Mayfair uses radiofrequency heat flux combined with dynamic muscle activation to break down and metabolize fat in the target area.

How It Works?

The gel goes to the target part of the body and a large arm warms the skin to 40-42 degrees, and the radio frequency current penetrates down into the fatty layer of the skin and the fat cells begin to reach 70-72 degrees.

The cells (hard stubborn fat) begin to liquefy and break down, and the machine is then set to activate muscle – which begins to contract and throb in the muscles underlying fat cells.

The external pressure of the arm and the internal pressure of the contracting muscles create a compression effect on the cells, which helps to expel the broken down fat from the cell.

This is supposed to prevent damage to fat cells and cause your body to metabolize fat either through the lymphatic system or use it as energy. Dynamic muscle activation acts on muscle tone, helping to retain the stomach and achieve a toned look.

In addition to breaking down fat and muscle tone, the goal of radio frequency is to tighten the skin by penetrating deeper layers and shrinking fibroblasts and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

How long does the treatment last and what is the downtime?

The treatment can be done in forty minutes and during the lunch break, without downtime.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water after treatment as this helps to start the lymphatic system which helps to remove the broken down fat. The next day, you may feel slightly sensitive, almost like you’ve done a workout.

The results are visible immediately.

How much does it cost

One session is £ 200. Course 4 is £ 720, 6 sessions £ 1,050 and 8 sessions cost £ 1,360.



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