Pep Guardiola returns Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel to comments on Covid’s “luck”


Pep Guardiola he insisted Manchester City however, they didn’t have ‘more luck’ than other Premier League clubs with Covid-19 Thomas Tuchel the belief that he was the deciding factor in the title race.

Ahead of Chelsea’s visit to the Etihad on Saturday’s start of lunch, Tuchel said the “biggest difference” between his team and City was that the defending champions “faced Covid’s injuries and situation better”.

“Maybe it’s luck, maybe they’re doing better, but they have fewer injuries to key players, fewer days and weeks of missing them. They didn’t suffer from Covid like us. That’s a big difference,” Tuchel said. .

City was the only top club to avoid postponing the match during the Christmas season due to the outbreak of Covid, either in its own camp or in the camp of its opponents, but the virus still affected it.

It is confirmed that Phil Foden, Rodri, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Kyle Walker were affected, while John Stones also missed most of the holiday program and Kevin De Bruyne was positive in November.

A wider outburst in the City last week caused Guardiola to isolate himself, and assistant Rodolfo Borrell claimed a 3-0 victory in the third round of the FA Cup away at Swindon Town.

When Tuchel’s comments to Guardiola were at Friday’s pre-match press conference, the city manager replied: “What should I say? I say what I said earlier – the situation is all over the world.

“We had injuries, we had Covid. Maybe we don’t say which players – out of respect [to those players], the club doesn’t do that – but we had a lot of players and back staff with Covid and at the beginning of the season we had a lot of serious injuries with our players. So what should I say?

“If they believe we were lucky, we were lucky. Thank you. What can I say? A pandemic is everywhere in the world and there is a virus everywhere. Every minute and day we are exposed to getting it and we are no exception.

“If they believe that’s the reason, then maybe. Maybe. Sometimes it’s the money we have, sometimes it’s Covid. I don’t know. Maybe.”

Guardiola will return to the hall at the Etihad on Saturday after a period of self-isolation, but said City have suffered new cases of covid in their team since last week.

Nonetheless, Guardiola said City was not considering a request for a postponement. Premier League rules allow teams to apply to reschedule matches if they have less than 14 first team players available, including a goalkeeper.

“In the last game of the FA Cup we were 13 or 14 players of the first team. Against Aston Villa and the goalkeeper we were 11 players, the rest were academia. We played. We didn’t postpone it. Other clubs, I don’t know the situation.

“We try to play. If we have 11 or 12 players, that’s enough, we play. We have Cole Palmer, James McAtee and other players we try to play. We have enough players. If we have eight or nine players … I don’t know what counts. Is it just Covid or injuries?

“Injuries happen all the time, so I don’t know the rules of the Premier League, when it is canceled or canceled for what reason. In many cases, we only had 12 first team players and a goalkeeper available and we played.”


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