Ralf Rangnick wants Manchester United players to answer to each other


Ralf Rangnick he encouraged Manchester United‘s players to talk to each other Cristiano Ronaldo warned that their bad season will continue if their mindset does not improve.

When he broke through Aston Villa 1-0 in the third round of the FA Cup on Monday, the two sides will face off again Premier League on Saturday night.

United finished seventh on the weekend at the end of the week after things unfolded after a positive summer. Jadon Sancho Raphael Varane and Ronaldo came.

Cristiano Ronaldo called on his Manchester United team-mates to improve their mentality (Martin Rickett / PA)

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The latter said this week that they need to start again in 2022, and warned that “it will be a nightmare” if they don’t, as the 36-year-old questioned the mindset within the group.

Asked if Ronaldo could be a role model for the group, interim chief Rangnick replied: “Yes, of course. It’s not just about Cristiano. We have Edinson (Cavani), we have Harry (Maguire), we have quite a few other older players – David de Gea in goal, Viktor Lindelof, Bruno (Fernandes).

“We have enough experienced, older players who can be not only role models for themselves in training, on the pitch and matches, but also in all those conversations that take place in the locker room or when they are together in a hotel on tour or at home. games.

“It simply came to our notice then. In a team, in a single team, this happens automatically and I can only invite and challenge and tell all the players, including the older players, to do it regularly because it helps even more in the team we have at the moment. . ”

Marcus Rashford showed the right attitude in training after Ralph Rangnick (Martin Rickett / PA)

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Rangnick has bypassed the question of the need to change the mindset and has no doubts about the effort in the wardrobe, Marcus Rashford as an example of an actor doing work without things clicking.

“As a player myself, I wasn’t a striker, but as a striker, it’s all about playing well, scoring goals and getting assists,” he said of the striker, who has been without a goal since October. “And if that doesn’t happen within a certain period of time, it’s not that easy

“As long as he’s trying to do his best and he’s been doing it in training, there have been quite a few training sessions in the last few weeks where he’s trained at a really high level and that’s why I always gave him a chance to play. again.

“As long as he does that, he’ll always be on my playlist and in the starting XI.

“Of course it’s about showing that I play at a high level regularly and constantly and again for him, as an example, there is still room for improvement.

“The same goes for other young players. We have so many top, talented players and it brings me back to what Cristiano said.

“We have to work and develop as a team together and if we have to talk to the guys in a very direct way, it helps a lot, even in the locker room.

“If, for example, Cristiano or any other player addresses this to players directly on the pitch or in the locker room, they are more than welcome to do so.

“I will do this myself as a coach with my coaching staff in a video before or after the match that we are filming with the team and on the pitch.

“But we can only develop individual players if we develop the capabilities of the team. That’s the only way.

“It’s about results, achieving good results, which will raise the level of self-confidence and then we can also develop players individually. It doesn’t work the other way around. “

Ronaldo could have returned along with captain Maguire on Saturday, but Rangnick rejected a hint that the Portuguese would be a more effective United captain in a permanent position.

“Right now, I don’t see a reason for that, because Harry has been a captain so far,” he said.

As long as Harry plays, he will be the captain and if he doesn’t play, someone else will have to be the captain. That can vary from game to game, depending on who’s playing. “


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