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1. Plan B restrictions will be lifted when Boris Johnson plans to fight

Boris Johnson is set to lift restrictions on Plan B Covid as he plans a leadership revolt following growing allegations of parties violating the prison.

Many expect Covid’s passports and work instructions from home in Whitehall to be removed from January 26 for England, and the announcement will be published as early as this week, although some rules on face masks may remain. Read the full story.

2. Exclusive: A woman who ‘wrote the government’s Covid rules’ hosted a ‘fun’ party during the Christmas restrictions

A woman who led a government unit tasked with drafting the Covid-19 restrictions was put on a “drunk” party during the Christmas closing, it may be revealed.

The event was attended by “dozens” of officials from the Cabinet-19 cabinet working group on December 17, 2020, which marked the departure of Kate Josephs, then-CEO, The Telegraph reported. Read the full story.

3. Princess Beatrice spares being dragged into the sexual abuse of Prince Andrew

Princess Beatrice was spared on Friday night from being officially dragged in case of her father’s sexual abuse.

Sources close to the family were prepared to call the 33-year-old as a key witness after the Duke of York claimed he was with his daughter at the Pizza Express in Woking at the center of the allegations that night. against him. Read the full story.

4. MI5 exposes Chinese spy for fear of ‘editing’ emerging MPs

MI5 shut down Chinese spy operations because they believed it was targeting a new generation of future British leaders after realizing that its main contact at Westminster was “yesterday’s men”.

Christine Ching Kui Lee, who has been declared an agent of the Chinese Communist Party by MI5, feared she would “prepare” future parliamentary candidates to give Beijing influence in British politics. Read the full story.

5. Give up your tsarist ambitions to invade Ukraine or face sanctions, Ben Wallace warns Vladimir Putin

Ben Wallace accused Vladimir Putin of tsarist ambitions, saying there would be “severe economic sanctions” in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

The defense minister made his remarks after a solution to the Kremlin’s increasingly threatening behavior towards its neighbor could not be found in important talks between NATO and Russia this week. Read the full story.

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