Save the Children to stop using texts designed by pedophile artist Eric Gill


Save the Children will stop using the font designed by the embarrassed pedophile artist Eric Gill for his brand

  • Save the Children to abandon the use of the Gill Sans font from the brand in 2022
  • The font was designed in 1928 by the disgraced artist and pedophile Eric Gill
  • The BBC abandoned the use of Gill Sans last year following complaints from audiences
  • Gill hit the headlines this week after a protester attacked one of his London sculptures

The bosses of Save the Children have agreed to abandon the font, originally designed by embarrassed artist and pedophile Eric Gill, from the company’s brand.

The children’s charity has confirmed that it will no longer use its Gill Sans logo, designed by Gill himself and published since 1928 for public use in the UK.

The bosses of Save the Children have agreed to abandon the font, originally designed by embarrassed artist and pedophile Eric Gill, from the company’s brand.

Staff working with the organization have repeatedly warned managers of the dangers of linking the work of a notorious bully to a children’s charity before Gill’s work was finally abandoned.

Save the Children reportedly agreed last year to withdraw Gill Sans from its brand after sources highlighted the potential hypocrisy of a children’s organization using artwork made by a man who harassed his eldest daughter.

Gill made headlines again this week when a furious protester, David Chick, was spotted tearing off one of his 1933 statues, which is on display in front of the BBC’s Broadcast House in London.

Proponents of the campaign have long called for the removal of a statue named Prospero and Ariel from decades after his death in 1940, it was revealed that its creator Eric Gill sexually abused his two eldest daughters.

One source told managers that continuing to use Gill’s artwork in the 21st century “probably wasn’t a good idea,” The Times reports.

On the Save the Children’s website, it states that its purpose is to ensure that “children remain safe, healthy and continue to learn.”

But her latest published guidelines from 2016 insist that the use of the Gill Sans Infant Standard should be used in a wide range of the organization’s published literature.

The news came just days after the sculpture was named

The news came just days after a sculpture called “Prospero and Ariel” erected by Gill (pictured above) on the BBC’s Broadcast House page in 1933 was attacked by a lone protester with a hammer.

Eric Gill: The Dark Side of the Famous Sculptor

Pictured: English sculptor Eric Gill

Pictured: English sculptor Eric Gill

  • In 1907, Eric Gill and his wife Ethel Hester Moore moved to Ditchling, Sussex, where he founded a community of bohemian artists.
  • In Sussex and at his later home in a ruined Benedictine convent in Wales, he made life drawings of his daughters as they grew up.
  • He drew his daughter Petra, with whom he admitted to having sex, as a naked teenager in Girl In Bath
  • In his diary, published after his death, he described his propensity for atrocities and incest – with his sister and daughters.
  • He has had a number of affair with models for his work

The charity has since promised to introduce a new font for 2022.

We contacted Save the Children to provide a comment.

Last October, the BBC abandoned the use of Gill Sans in its programs following viewers’ complaints that it looked “outdated” and “old-fashioned”.

But the national television station has so far rejected calls to demolish Gill’s statue of Prospero and Ariel, which adorns the Broadcasting House site in Portland Place.

It is one of many of Gill’s sculptures at the BBC headquarters – The Sower can be found at the reception desk, and he also contributed to Ariel’s bas-reliefs in the building.

David Chick, 52, has been arrested on suspicion of causing harm and was detained today by metropolitan police after he was accused of using a hammer to attack a statue of the famous pedophile Gill.

Gill’s sculpture depicting Prosper and Ariel from Shakespeare’s play The Storm was erected in 1933, the BBC reports.

‘Prospero, Ariel’s master, is 10 feet tall and is depicted as Ariel sending out into the world. Ariel as the spirit of the air seemed a suitable symbol for the new secret of broadcasting, “writes the BBC on its website.

In 1990, the BBC adopted his Gill Sans font, which he created in 1927. The corporation used the font for its word sign and many of its television graphics on screen.

The logo has become one of the oldest logos in the world and has only recently been modified.

A biography on the Tate Museum website says: “Gill’s religious views and themes conflict with his sexual behavior, including his erotic art, and (as mentioned in his own diaries) his extramarital affairs and the sexual abuse of his daughters, sisters and dog. . ‘

Nearly 2,500 people had previously signed a petition calling for the removal of the sculpture on the website of the 38-degree political activist group.



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