Six revelations on top of Prince Andrew – from the ‘angry’ William to the Queen’s offer


In the week when Prince Andrew is completely removed from the official royal life after being told he has to face a civil trial, the summit with the Queen is said to be far from simple.

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Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles and royal patronage

Prince Andrew he was mistaken for another catastrophic week which led to him being stripped of his military titles and royal patronage less than 24 hours after she was told she had to face a civilian trial.

That move means it was Andrew completely removed from official royal life and now he has to face his future as an ordinary citizen.

On Thursday, the Queen informed the Duke of York, who was embroiled in scandals, that he would no longer use the title of His Royal Highness in any official role.

It was another physical blow after he discovered the day before that New York judge Lewis Kaplan had decided that Andrew had to face a civil trial on charges of sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 years old. He denies the allegations.

Giuffre, 38, who claims Andrew had sex with her three times when she was just 17, has lived in Australia since 2002.

Andrew was told Wednesday that he must face a civil trial on charges of sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre.


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The next morning the Queen called him to Windsor Castle


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He was invited to a meeting with his mother and told the news, but this was not a decision made only by Her Majesty.

After hours of discussion with other senior members of the company, the 90-minute meeting signaled the end of public royal life.

But the summit was not supposed to be direct, as his lawyer remained in the parking lot and the prince left stunned by the outcome.

Here are six key revelations from Windsor Castle when it was decided that the “ax should fall quickly” on Andrew’s royal career.

The role of the ‘angry’ William

Prince William is said to have been “angry” at his uncle for putting the royal family in disrepute


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Prince William was “glowing” over how his uncle behaved throughout the legal saga.

The Queen made a relentless decision on Wednesday and had some help in concluding it.

The Mirror understands that the angry duke is angry at his uncle for putting the royal family in disrepute.

The source said: “The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge fully agree in their view that the Duke of York presided over a complete and utter catastrophe.”

Detailed discussions within the family are believed to have taken place for weeks, with William aware of the need for action.

Andrew is ‘shocked’ by the decision

Sources say Andrew had no idea what was going to happen on Thursday


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Andrej he did not see the decision coming one source, however, described him as “shocked” when he moved.

The relentless call came less than 24 hours after New York Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Andrew must face a civil trial. He denies the allegations.

The source said he was stunned, adding: “Given the firmness with which Judge Kaplan welcomed our arguments, the verdict does not surprise us.

“However, this was not a judgment on the merits of Mrs Giuffre’s allegations. The Duke will continue to defend himself against these claims. “

The Queen told Andrew face to face

It is believed that the Queen conveyed the news in person


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It is believed that the Queen broke the decision about the middle son Andrew face to face.

During a private audience, the monarch told his son that he would no longer be known as His Royal Highness “in any official capacity” – and would be left to fight his lawsuit as a private citizen.

Seeing the stone face of the Duke of York, they drove a few miles from their Royal Lodge to Windsor Castle on Thursday morning for a 90-minute stay with their mother.

She informed him of the decision and it was officially announced a few hours later.

Andrew ‘tried to bring a lawyer’ to the top

According to reports, the Duke of York did not want to go alone


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Prince Andrew tried to bring his personal lawyer to the top, sources say.

He was taken to Windsor Castle by his replacement Gary Bloxsome, but was quickly told he would not be allowed inside with him.

Instead, he waited outside in the car, Daily Mail reports.

Mr Bloxsome’s involvement may indicate that Andrew took legal advice before confronting his mother.

The Queen’s ‘financial lifeline’

The Queen did not suddenly decide


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Prince Andrew fears financial ruin during sex that is still going on.

Collecting legal bills and a possible settlement of £ 10 million with his plaintiff left him in counting the costs of expulsion from the royal family.

But the queen offered her son a lifeline.

She will not pay any legal bills, but sources have confirmed that Andrew will not lose his security information.

The Queen would privately cover the cost of his protection of £ 300,000 if he runs out of money.

Debates ‘ran for hours’

The Queen and Prince William had a long conversation in her private quarters before a decision was made.

A royal source said last night that the Duke of Cambridge had been talking to his grandmother for “more than an hour”.

William, 39, made sure no stone was left unturned.

Prince Charles also took part in the summit. He spoke to the Queen by telephone from Scotland, where he currently lives.

Andrew and the Queen spoke for more than 90 minutes, they claimed when she dropped the bomb.

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