The prime minister “can’t lead” after party accusations, says Keir Starmer


Speaking at a conference of the Fabian Society, Sir Keir Starmer will accuse the Prime Minister of being “too concerned about defending his rule-breaking” to turn around the beaten medical service.

Sir Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson “can’t lead” because of a party scandal

Allegations of violating the rules regarding the Prime Minister and Downing Street are gone Boris Johnson “incapable of leading,” the Labor leader is said to have said.

sir Keir Starmer, in a speech at a conference of the Fabian Society, is preparing to accuse conservatives of destroying the health service, and the prime minister of being “too committed to defending the violation of his rule” to change that.

The following week, Johnson faced calls from Tory MPs to resign after admitting to attending the “bring your drink” event in Garden No. 10 among the first coronavirus prison in May 2020.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray is currently investigating the meeting – which the prime minister called Commons a “work event” – and a number of other allegations of breaches of government lock-in rules.

On Saturday, Sir Keir is set to embark on his “personal crusade”. NHS a reform accusing further administrations led by Tory of allowing the health service to fall into a “critical state”.

Sir Keir says Mr Johnson is “too busy defending his rule violation” to turn around the beaten medical service.


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Sir Keir is said to have said: “Instead of focusing on breaking through the pandemic and lowering waiting lists, this complacent Tory party is instead arguing over a leader whom we should have known from the outset was unfit for office.

“We are witnessing a corrupt spectacle of the Prime Minister, immersed in fraud and fraud, incapable of leading.

“When we left office 12 years ago, the Conservatives inherited a strong NHS.

“Waiting times have been the shortest so far. Today, NHS queues are the highest since the record began.

“And it’s not good enough to blame Covid for all this – this mess has been going on for a long time.

“This government must be held accountable. Why have we come to this point where the NHS itself is in critical condition?”

The opposition leader will use the speech at the conference to describe his vision of a “better health treaty” to provide people with the “security, prosperity and respect they deserve” under the Labor government.

These changes will include providing a “health system that is slightly less about the system and much more about the patient”, with health care moving in the direction of prevention to reflect Britain’s “older society”, party officials say.

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Sir Keir will commit to mental health and pledges that the next Labor administration will take mental health as seriously as physical health and provide mental health support in less than a month.

He is expected to add: “Obviously, the NHS needs more money. But that’s not all he needs.

“When we were in government, we started to reform the NHS – so that it was more patient-oriented to meet the needs of the time.

“This reform process has stalled because this government does not care if the NHS lags behind.

“Boris Johnson is too busy defending the violation of his rule.”

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