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Although very rare, eating in a restaurant chain can cause serious injury (and sometimes even death.) Such was the unfortunate case of one party who dined va Crack barrel in 2014. The chain is now ordered to pay the man millions in damages for the “permanent and serious injury” he suffered as a result of the unusual mixture of the water jug.

William Cronnon was eating at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant in Marion County, Tenn. In April 2014, when he was served a cleaning disinfectant instead of water. As he swallowed, he felt a burning sensation and ended up with injuries to his mouth and esophagus, which he still suffers today and which have hindered his ability to work.

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It was later found that Cronnon had inadvertently been served Eco-San, a chemical used to clean the restaurant’s kitchen at the time. The National Fire Protection Association categorizes Eco-San as a chemical that poses a major health risk, while its manufacturer Ecolab states that the disinfectant causes “severe skin burns and eye damage”.

Cronnon filed a complaint against the chain in 2015, claiming the restaurant showed negligence with an extremely dangerous chemical and demanded $ 150,000 in damages. But a jury ruled last week that the company owed the victim much more, and ordered Cracker Barrel to pay him $ 730,000 in economic damages, $ 3.6 million in non-economic damages and $ 5 million in criminal damages, according to court records. Chattanooga Times Free Press.

The jury found that Cracker Barrel acted negligently, including “inability to recruit and adequately train skilled and competent workers.”

Unfortunately, Cronnon will only see a small portion of that amount, about $ 750,000, according to his attorney, Thomas Greer, due to limiting the economic damage to Tennessee.

“What made it so stunning is that Cracker Barrel had this policy when chemicals were put in unmarked containers for years,” Greer said. Times Free Press. “I told the jury they were playing roulette with health and safety with everyone who came there, and Mr. Cronnon paid the price.”

According to the publication, water and chemicals were mixed when the Eco-San solution was left in a water jug ​​to soak parts of the beverage dispensers overnight. The pitcher was not dumped the next morning as it should have been, and the server mistakenly used it to fill Cronnon’s glass with water.

“Although we have great respect for the legal process, we are clearly disappointed and strongly disagree with the jury’s award in this case, which was an unfortunate and lonely incident that took place in one of our stores eight years ago. with regard to this judgment, we are pleased that this matter is behind us so that we can better focus on caring for our guests and employees across the country, ”Cracker Barrel said. in a statement. “Our policy has been, and still is, to never put chemicals in unmarked containers.”

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