This weekend a new warning for dense fog at -5C


The United Kingdom has issued a new warning of dense fog, which will cover large parts of England from the south coast to Newcastle, and temperatures could drop to -5C.

A new fog warning has been issued at the Meteorological Office

The British received a yellow warning from the Met Office against fog, which on Saturday will cause dangerous conditions for driving at icy temperatures, which could drop as low as -5C.

It has been a week of thick fog and icy conditions over much of England, with milder weather in Scotland but the sky is expected to be clearer on Sunday, albeit just for a day before another thick fog descends.

But frost and fog will be dangerous on Saturday for large parts of the UK, specifically around the south-east, central England and all the way to Newcastle, where fog can remain all day and temperatures do not rise above zero.

The With Office urged everyone to “prepare a hot water bottle, as the night will be cold and freezing.”

Given that the fog is expected to spread overnight, the warning states that “there may be some dense fog, with visibility falling to 50-100 m in some places”.

The fog warning stretches from southern England to Newcastle

People were told to expect: “Reduced visibility, which causes dangerous driving conditions in places, and probably slower driving times, especially on the road, delays in bus and rail services are possible. There may be delays or cancellations. “

Met Office announcer Aidan McGivern said there could be clear skies in northwest England and north Wales, but there will be fog and low clouds in most of England.

He said: “Clear at first, but then fog and fog soon form, especially in parts of the Midlands and East of England, where there will be dense and fog warnings in some places. There will be some fog elsewhere, but also low clouds for most of South Wales. , central and southern parts of England. “

In the most foggy areas, temperatures are expected to drop to -5C


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He continued: “Widespread fog across England and Wales with temperatures in some sheltered places down to -3C and -5C. So a cold fog day starts again on Saturday and these stubborn fog patches may continue all day in some places, for example in the east of England, so be careful on the roads first. Otherwise, a lot of low clouds across England and Wales.

Fog patches and fog may have formed due to light wind and high pressure in the UK, which means the air is not moving very fast.

It will be a clear night on Saturday, but it will still be cold and rainy, which means there will be some bright spells on Sunday.

Forecast for the UK for the next 5 days


Fog in parts of central, eastern and northern England is slowly rising into low clouds and is cold. Elsewhere, it dries mostly with a lot of clouds and a few sunny intervals. Later, some showers will cover the western parts.


In the southwestern parts there will be some showers and others mostly dry with a broken cloud and isolated frost. The rain belt is moving southeast across Scotland and Northern Ireland.


A band of clouds and uneven rain winds to the southeast over England and Wales. Much of Scotland, northern England and northern Ireland is getting dry with sunny periods.

Prospects from Monday to Wednesday:

Mostly dry with sunny periods and overnight in the south frost and fog. The north will be more restless and windy with some rain or showers.

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