Virat Kohli resigned as captain of the India test after seven years in this role


Virat Kohli stunned India when he relinquished his test cricket captaincy duties after a recent defeat against South Africa.

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Virat Kholi shocked India when he resigned as captain of the test team.

After seven years of leading the test site, the cricket giant has recalled the time for the helm national side with immediate effect.

Reception until Twitter, Kohli published an emotional statement summarizing his time as team leader.

“It was 7 years of hard work, effort and relentless perseverance to lead the team in the right direction. I did the job with complete honesty and left nothing. Everything has to stop at some stage and for me as India’s test captain, he is now , “he wrote.

“There have been many ups and downs along the way, but I’ve never lacked effort or lack of faith. I’ve always believed that in everything I do, I give my 120 percent, and if I can’t, I know it’s not the right thing to do. .

Virat Kholi has resigned as Indian test captain



“I want to thank BCCI for giving me the opportunity to lead my country for so long, and more importantly, to all the teammates who accepted the vision I had for the team from day one and never gave up in any situation … “Guys, you made this trip so memorable and beautiful.

“Finally, a big thank you to MS Dhoni for believing in me as a captain and finding that I am a capable individual who could take Indian cricket forward.”

The 33-year-old’s captaincy began when he took over the test side in early 2015, when the aforementioned Dhoni announced his retirement from the longest-running game format in Australia before taking over limited sides the following year.

Under Kohli’s leadership, India climbed to the top of the test rankings and qualified for the finals of the inaugural World Test Championship last year.

Kohli is one of India’s biggest sports names and is considered the longest-serving skipper on the state test. team.

He took on 68 games and the last series was a 2-1 defeat on South African soil.

Kohli has already given up his T20 captaincy and has also been fired from the ODI service.

They reached two consecutive semi-finals of the ODI World Cup and the semi-finals of the 2016 T20 World Cup.

Things started to unfold for icons of nettles as a skipper when he resigned from the position of skipper T20I before last year’s World Cup.

Kholi has led the India Test team since 2015


Clint Hughes)

However, a day later, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said he had asked Kholi not to step down as captain of the shortest format, which was then opposed by his opponent.

The male cricketer of the ICC Decade (2011-2020) said his decision was “well received” and assessed as “progressive” by the BCCI summit, and that Ganguly, who said he told Kholi to keep his position of Captain T20I, wrong.

“When I decided to leave the T20I captaincy and turn to the BCCI about my decision, it was well received – there was no resentment or hesitation, I was not told to reconsider,” he said.

The drama continued when Kholi, who also resigned in 2021 as captain of the IPL Royal Challengers franchise Bangalore, said he was fired as captain of the ODI just an hour and a half before a test meeting to select a test team for South Africa.

“From the time I announced the decision on the T20I captain, to the eighth (December), when, as I said, I got a call an hour and a half before the election meeting, there was no prior communication with me at all,” Kholi added.

Under Kholi’s leadership, the team reached the finals of the World Test Championship and reached the top of the test rankings.


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“The head coach [ Chetan Sharma ] he discussed the test team with me, which we both agreed to, and before the end of the conversation I was told that five selectors had decided not to be the captain of the ODI, to which I replied: ‘okay, okay’.

“And then we chatted briefly about it in the selection call. And that’s what happened. There was no communication at all before that. “

During the ODI announcement for the South Africa tour, Sharma added oil fire when he said that “everyone present at the meeting asked him to reconsider” his decision when Kohli resigned as captain of the T20I.

The Indian star is currently with the national team on tour of the South African national team and will strive to return to the ODI series with three matches after losing the test series 2-1.

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