Listen girls! Remember to oil these 5 points all over your body every day


Oiling the body has its own set of amazing benefits. However, massaging these 5 points with oil is also considered a healthy practice!

I say, a good oil massage is better than an orgasm! Massage is not just the feeling of flying on a cloud, but scientifically it releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness. This is why no one can frown while these pressure points are triggered. Although there is a long list of benefits of body lubrication, our favorite is that it lifts the mood, like repeating watching Sex and the City!

However, not to reveal the topic, oiling these 5 points of your body will bring similar effects. They are known to improve physical health and also help with stress management!

To delve into the benefits offered by this practice, HealthShots spoke with Drs. Nivedito Dadu, a renowned dermatologist.

Take advantage of body oil by massaging these 5 points of the body:

1. Knees

Killer pains in your knee and joints can disrupt your daily life. However, there are ways to feel better. Knee massage with essential oil of plant origin, along with over-the-counter (OTC) medications and prescription medications could help.

“Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Their use for therapeutic or medical purposes is called aromatherapy. Through daily lubrication of the knees, they enter your bloodstream when you apply the oil to the skin or inhale it, ”says Dr. Dadu.

Take care of bone health and lubricate your knees regularly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

He adds: “Oiling also helps to improve tone and increase the overall flexibility of the muscles that give support and stability to the affected knee. You can be positive pain relief, stiffnessand improve overall day-to-day performance in individuals experiencing knee osteoarthritis. “

2. Popek

Applying oil to the navel heals, repairs and balances our nerve connections in the body. If you oil it and massage it carefully every day, it is believed to be good for improving fertility in both men and women. Professional advice: This can help improve your partner’s sperm count!

Dr Dadu suggests: “Oily navel can reduce any inflammation, remove all free radicals, heal skin infections and moisturize the skin from the core. For voluminous and healthy hair, regularly massage the navel with coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil. ”

benefits of lubricating the navel with olive oilThese benefits of umbilical cord lubrication can go beyond just moisturizing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Your navel is connected to us by 72,000 veins that help the body absorb all the essential minerals of different types from oils. Navel stimulation with circular motions can calm your mindhelps to relax, balance emotions and increase concentration. ”

3. Elbows

Tanning and darkening of the elbows is one of the most difficult and stubborn areas where removing these blackheads becomes a task. Elbow oil with oil at regular intervals helps moisturize the skin and removes tan and dark spots.

4. Toenails

Incorporating the application of oil on the toenails helps to hydrate and strengthen the nails and increase their shine and growth. Fungal nail infections usually occur in individuals who have reduced blood flow to the feet and a weakened immune system.

ways to get rid of smelly feetMake sure your feet are clean and dry before you oil them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Cracks that allow fungus to enter can appear on nails that are brittle and dry. The best way to actually prevent nail fungus is to keep moisture from brittle, cracked nails. Therefore, oil can be an excellent preventative option to reduce the likelihood of fungal nail infection on the feet.

“Due to its moisturizing properties, coconut oil is excellent for treating brittle and cracked toenails and damaged cuticles. It is an ideal skin barrier that contains more fatty acids that act as a transepidermal barrier to water loss. Oiling can help restore the skin to its top shape, “adds dr. Dadu.

5. Feet

Improper walking and long hours of sitting can cause disturbances in the proper blood circulation of our feet. To keep your feet healthy, the oil helps maintain blood circulation. Lubricating the feet before bed helps to relax and offers a relaxed sleep. It gets rid of tension and relaxes nerves.

“Our feet contain several acupuncture points that promote sleep. When you massage your feet with oil, you also activate these acupuncture points. Therefore, with increased circulation and relaxed nerves, good sleep is guaranteed. ”

Applying the oil at night locks in moisture in the feet and prevents the skin from drying out. Regular foot massage with oil prevents cracked heels, as it removes dead skin and keeps your feet soft and supple.

This habit of lubricating these 5 points of the body will strengthen your health in several ways. Try this at any time of the day. However, there is nothing better than a relaxed massage at night. Ask your partner to help you with this for an added romantic bonus!




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