WFH end? Here’s how to put one together for use with your fitness routine


Since when did the offices reopen? Here’s how to stay fit and beautiful despite the end of WFH.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of us to close our homes. The closure of schools, gyms and recreational programs, along with restrictions on public spaces, has prevented people from being active in ways that ensure physical and mental well-being. As restrictions are gradually removed, life is now returning to the ‘new normal’. However, the end of the WFH raised another concern for the people. Getting fit despite work pressure and less time is another challenge in this life after a pandemic.

We cannot forget how sedentary the lifestyle has become due to the global pandemic. From the point of view of physical and mental health, it has affected many people. According to the National Biotechnology Information Center, there may be a Covid-19 crisis and people obesity may be disproportionately affected. Our lives have now become more inactive, thanks to the fast-paced online world of social media and OTT platforms.

HealthShots spoke with Jignyasha Ambasana, a standard nutrition and fitness trainer at FITTR, who offered interesting ways to stay fit when running out of time.

The embassy says: “It has now become even more urgent that we return to a healthy and active life. Indulging in physical activity not only drives you, but motivates you to work physically as well as mentally.

Jignyasha suggests the following great ways to stay fit and beautiful:

1. Safely boost your health game

Your body needs time to get used to a certain activity or level of intensity. If you have been exercising at home with the help of an online trainer or on your own and want to strengthen your exercise routine by joining an organized gym sport, it is better to do it slowly. For example: While weightliftingyou should start with lighter weights.

You can accelerate your weight loss goals with regular weight training! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“When you increase the weight, you can reduce the number of repetitions. Your progress can be marked by how comfortable you can increase your weight or the number of repetitions, ”suggests Ambasana.

2. Meditation is a very simple path to well-being

The most recommended way is to find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. Start with controlled breathing just 2-3 minutes. Gradually, with time and a constant focus on breathing, the process will become easier. Take some time each day for your practice, as meditation will only benefit you when it becomes part of your routine.

meditationMeditation can give you an opportunity to internalize yourself. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The Embassy advises you to smile at the end of each exercise and express gratitude for your session. Be grateful and glad that you were able to stick to your commitment to meditation and that you spent quality time with yourself.

3. Running, jumping, cycling to get moving again

Despite a long working day, a good run, a strict jumping routine or cycling in your local park can stimulate the flow of endorphins. Remember to keep in shape every time you start with any of these basic fitness routines. Skipping rope for beginners can be difficult and if the shape is not right, it can be harmful to the knees or it can cause joint pain.




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