Are you struggling with heavy breasts? Here’s how to naturally reduce breast size


While large breasts are insane, they can cause severe and endless back pain. Try these simple exercises to easily reduce your breast size!

Breasts are available in all shapes and sizes. But larger than your twins, they can cause constant tension in the shoulder, neck and back muscles, leading to excruciating pain. Big or heavy breasts are constantly pulling your body forward and literally hindering the things we love to do. Not to forget, traces of a bra at the end of the day, sweating breasts and even running is a pain! Ladies with big breasts want a healthy lifestyle or a passion for sports. Therefore, many women are considering breast reduction surgery to get rid of excess adipose tissue from their twins. However, these simple exercises can help you reduce breast size at home!

To learn more about these breast reduction exercises, HeallthShots spoke with Aditi Gupta, premium fitness trainer, Fittr

Gupta says, “The breast is the tissue that covers the pectoral muscles. Women’s breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) and adipose tissue. The amount of fat around the area determines the size of your breasts. Many go through surgery, but natural breast reduction is also something you can see with a few simple exercises at home. ”

What causes big breasts?

Breast size often depends on a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. One of the reasons is hormonal changes that can be the reason for breast growth in the human body. Estrogen and progesterone levels in the body affect breast enlargement and become heavy. In addition to hormonal factors, an unhealthy and inappropriate lifestyle leads to weight gain, which also affects breast size. Other factors that cause breast enlargement are:

  1. Menstrual cycle
  2. obesity
  3. PCOS
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Puberty
Big breast problems are only understood by those who have them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Proper nutrition for healthy breasts

Eating the right foods plays a key role in the amount of fat stored in the body and total body fat can contribute to breast size. With a quantitatively balanced diet (calorie counting) combined with exercise, you can contribute not only to weight loss, but also to reducing breast size.

Simple and routine exercises at home will help reduce breast size. One can tighten and tone your chest muscles a good that will give a good posture and a toned body.

These regular exercises can help reduce breast size with ease:

1. Weight training

Exercising with weights combined with more activity throughout the day with a quantified diet will help burn excess fat. Burning all body fat will also gradually help reduce blemishes. When a person thinks about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is cardio training or weight training. Try making sweaters with a dumbbell, as this is the best exercise for thick-breasted beauties. “Ideally, if fat loss is the goal, you need to burn calories and maintain muscle mass, which can be achieved by including both types of exercise in your fitness routine, along with a calorie-deficient diet,” Gupta says.

sweater with dumbbellDon’t dare give up sweaters with a dumbbell to reduce breast size. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Cardio

Cardio exercise burns calories and improves cardiovascular health. Weight training helps burn calories, maintain / build muscle and keep our metabolism at a high level. Therefore, in order to improve your body composition and maintain your fitness, it is recommended that you include both cardio training and endurance training in your fitness regime with a proper diet. Cardio exercises to reduce breast weight are running, shoulder presspush-ups, side lifts, chest pressure and push-ups on the wall.

3. Stretching

Women with heavy breasts should include stretching and flexibility in their regular exercise regimen to strengthen their shoulders and back muscles. This will also help relieve back pain and prevent the risk of possible muscle damage during exercise.

tightening exercisesStretching is also important for your breasts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Work with deltoids

Exercising and strengthening the muscles of the upper back and hind deltoids is essential to maintain good posture. Some good exercises to include for this are performing weights or barbells for the upper back and pulling the face for the back deltoid muscles.

Show some love to your body with these exercises to reduce breast size. So you can enjoy simple things like walking up the stairs and running without shaking the city!




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