Watch your work: actress Nimrat Kaur’s words about physical positivity have real weight


The wave of physical positivity continues at high tide, ordinary women, influencers and celebrities are increasingly shutting down trolls and those who are ashamed of their bodies. Shameless comments are answered with words that have the truth! Actress Nimrat Kaur is the last Bollywood celebrity to share her opinion on dealing with “shy comments” and “unwanted advice” as she was in the process of gaining weight for the film.

Otherwise dry and tall Nimrat, who showed his acting acumen Lunch box in Air lift at home and in Homeland in Wayward Pines internationally, has recently been featured in Hindu films Dasvi. Her role as Bimle Devi required her to gain weight, and as any dedicated actor would do today, Nimrat has invested his heart and soul in body transformation.

But during the 10-month transformation process, she faced a harsh reality face to face embarrassment of the bodyto which most people who do not meet the ‘social norms’ of beauty are exposed almost every day.

Nimrat Kaur takes a strong stance towards disgracing the body

Nimrat highlighted this problem area and urged people to be a little more sensitive, he wrote a strong note on Instagram in which he shared some weighty words not only to people facing shame but also to those who are ashamed of their bodies.

“In an age of heightened expectations about how we ‘must’ look at all times – gender, age and profession without limits, I share a small chapter in my life that has brought with it lifelong learning,” Nimrat wrote in not such a small post.

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Nimrat Kaur as Bimla Devi aka Bimmo in Dasvi. Image courtesy: Instagram Nimrat Kaur

She went on to talk about how she was born with what is usually classified as a small to medium body type. But her role in Dasvi required her to “increase”. Although she did not have the target weight in mind, she had to be as “physically different from ‘being Nimrat'” as possible.

“When I was trying to achieve the desired visual effect, I was a little over 15 pounds from my normal body weight. At first, I was quite petrified of the invisible reality that I would have to have and accept. However, when I persistently and lovingly, with the support and encouragement of my loved ones around me, started real conversations with myself, I began to enjoy the process of becoming Bimla, ”he adds.

Nimrat Kaur talks about why Dasvi changed her life

Gradually, Nimrat began to notice the changed perspective of the people around her.

“Always so often, when I watched me eat high-calorie meals that were already a few sizes bigger, some people around me felt they had a right to comment on what they thought I was doing wrong. That would be a ridiculous remark, an unwanted joke, or simply unwanted advice on what to eat instead of a dessert that I really enjoyed. This voyeuristic license and authorized permit have come to the fore, ”says Nimrat.

While taking the liberty of not revealing the reason why she gained weight, Nimrat began to observe how easily people made her “bigger than usual” body and / or meal for her work. It opened a window into the minds of people accustomed to developing judgments.

“It could have been bad, I was taking medication, I was struggling with something hormonally, or I was just very happy to eat and I was regardless of size,” he writes.

Read Nimrat’s full Instagram post here!

Words of Wisdom by Nimrat Kaur on Physical Positivity

Now that Nimrat has returned to the fact that she herself – physically her old self – feels a novelty in the way she looks at the world.

“When I completed the cycle of this journey and returned to being physically myself, today I learned in the truest sense of the word how not to let an external perspective decide my relationship with me.”

Her goal of sharing this with her social media followers is to add to the broader dialogue on how everyone could do it with more attention, sensitivity and empathy. “Especially to those who don’t belong to the short-sighted prototype that the ‘norm’ expects of them – be it too dark, too thin, too short, too thick or too thick from these offensive scales from the conditioning lens they come from.”

“Recognize that everything they say and notice is a reflection of a mindset. They don’t look at anyone, “he says in his advice to those who face shame.

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And to those who are ashamed, here are Nimrat’s weighty words: “Be kind. Be sensitive. Be graceful. Don’t make someone’s day worse if you can’t improve it. Be responsible. Let your business be just your mind and body. No one else. ”

Now these are definitely words we need to consider!




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