Liverpool’s four-fold hunt shows Klopp’s unsung hero during offensive feats


Liverpool are a giant still on track to win a historic four, and one player under control exemplifies their efforts under Jurgen Klopp.

Jurgen Klopp can count on all of his players to pull in the same direction

Liverpool they are nearing the end, which they hope will be a long but fruitful run towards the end of the season full of trophies.

This is a time that requires each member of the acting and coaching staff to pull in the same direction. If Liverpool they are supposed to reach the historic four, then from now on almost everything has to go – and they will also need a healthy measure of happiness.

There has been a lot of hard work and very little luck behind their gallop towards the goal lately. One of the players who embodied their recent form is their goalkeeper Alisson Becker.

A year ago, the Brazilian toasted the red half of Merseyside after hitting West Brom dramatically late with a header. There was nothing so remarkable this season, but a lot of insignificant, but absolutely necessary to enjoy.

While Mohamed Salah will rightly receive praise for the leading line and Thiago Alcantara is currently toasting the midfield after some sublime performances and Virgil van Dijk commanding the back line, Alisson is the one who has established himself as a great unsung hero of Liverpool.

This is just his external status, as he is certainly appreciated by his teammates, who have repeatedly watched how the Brazilian kept them in matches or made sure that their goal remained intact. His influence can also be quantified after the 1-0 victory Newcastle United on Saturday.

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Alisson has been outstanding for Liverpool this season


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Alisson became excluded the first goalkeeper to score 20 clean balls this season in the top five European leagues. He now has 85 net goals in 177 games for the Reds out of his £ 66.8 million transfer from Roma in the summer of 2018. That’s quite a few.

More than just keeping the ball out of the goal – which is very helpful – Alisson is key to Jurgen Klopp’s style of play at Liverpool. The 29-year-old is attentive and reads the game extremely well – an advantage that means his teammates can put high pressure on safe pitches, as they are aware that if an opponent comes from behind, Alisson will sweep there more often.

“I’m there for everyone, I’m ready for it,” Alisson said recently. “I play for Liverpool, a great team that plays more on the opposite side of the pitch, attacking more and more than opponents and creating more chances.. I have to be prepared.” This is something that Liverpool can count on for many years to come, as the Brazilian international signed an extension of his contract until June 2027 at the beginning of the season.

Much of this trust in the club stems from his uncompromising nature – as well as the bond Alisson shares with Klopp. “Yeah, that’s a really good relationship,” he told Sony Sports India last month. “He’s like a father to me. When I first spoke to him in the FaceTime video call, he just answered the call and started smiling, I started smiling and we already saw we were going to have a connection. I think I have some feelings about life and way of life similar to it.

“I really like the way he works and the way the team feels comfortable while putting pressure on us. He’s a guy who’s always happy, but when you go on the court, it’s hard work, serious work, and he’s a top manager, so all of these things contribute to a good relationship. I love being here and working with him. I love my life here in Liverpool. “

Alisson loves Liverpool – and there is no doubt that it all has to do with the club he loves there.

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