The 4 most overpriced pizza chains according to customers – eat this, not this


at best, pizza conjures up images of spinning dough, sprinkling red sauce and someone in a chef’s hat exclaiming “this is love! “with a dense Italian accent.

But as it turns out, when it comes to pizza a-more, clients do not always maintain the same romantic perception. The the price of everything, from food to work, is on the rise and large chains of pizzas are feeling it. Unfortunately, they also pass on these higher costs to their customers. And while prices vary from brand to brand, there are several large pizza chains that customers are particularly disappointed with. why Because the rising cost of their pies is not accompanied by a rise in value.

Read on to discover the five most overrated pizza chainsaccording to the people who order.

Pizza Hut / Facebook

Poor Pizza Hut. We recently dived deep the most overpriced fast food brands in general and Hut was the only pizzeria to make the list. Its prices are higher than those of Domino’s and Papa Johns, but the quality is clearly not top enough to justify the difference.

Cat one Redditor said thatafter saying they would take their money to Little Caesars or Domino’s, “Pizza Hut is on a fast course to stop doing business.”

domino pizza with pizza
Domino’s / Facebook

Even Domino’s, with its loyal fan base, seems to be turning to overpriced territory. There are quite a few Reddit in Twitter buzzing about Domino being too expensive for what you end up getting.

The chain is made too changes two of its most well-known value transactions this year – making them significantly less valuable. The $ 7.99 deal has been removed from stores and is now only available online, while the $ 5.99 Mix and Match combination is now priced at $ 6.99.

In addition, the prices are chain it is expected to continue to increase through all 2022.

Californian pizza kitchen pizza
California Pizza Kitchen / Facebook

The California Pizza Kitchen is a fast food chain and not a fast food chain, but according to some, even the heightened experience doesn’t make up for the fact that the pie itself runs more than it’s worth. As one Redditor wrote: “In the last decade I have noticed … [the] pizza is getting more expensive, but it seems to be shrinking. ”Others added“I like their pizza, but it’s such a break.”

papa johns pizza
Papa Johns Pizza / Facebook

Papa Johns handmade special pizzas will bring you $ 21.99 per pie. Consumers have noticed a shift to higher quality, accompanied by higher prices made by the chain, and are not exactly thrilled. For a brand that is supposed to sell “better ingredients, better pizza” all the time, switching to cheaper premium pies like Epic Stuffed Crust may be confusing for some.

In Redditor he expressed his mood by calling Papa Johns “overpriced rubbish”, saying his pizza “isn’t even good enough to justify the price.”

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