Worst milk no. 1, which makes your brain age faster, says a new study – don’t eat this


Many people make sure to drink milk regularly as they think it will help maintain stronger bones. However, it turns out that one type of milk A new study has shown that your brain would age faster.

In a study recently published in Molecular nutrition and food research the magazine, 4,668 participants, all aged 55 to 75, first provided information about their existing diet, while also conducting neuropsychological tests to determine a starting point. All participants were also exposed to a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Two years later, they underwent the same examination when those who discovered the study linked a possible link to a higher rate of cognitive decline when it came to drinking whole milk.


“There may be an association with a higher rate of cognitive decline over a 2-year period in older adults at high risk for cardiovascular disease for whole milk,” the study authors concluded.

However, experts are quick to point out that these findings are still very early.

“The most important finding of this study is that these are very early findings of observation, which means we should not take them as gospel,” Kristin Carlinotells a registered dietitian based at Jersey City Medical Center Eat it, not it !. Carlino explains that “studies like this are supposed to be a guide for future research and only a small part of a much larger conversation.” In addition, it is obviously important to note that “someone’s health can be affected by many factors other than the nutritional factors that have accompanied them.”

Carlino also notes that “If high dairy consumption is found to be associated with more cognitive decline, that doesn’t mean it’s the cause of the decline.” He cites an example, noting that “people who consume a lot of dairy products are more likely to consume a lot of sugar with this diary (for example in the form of ice cream or dairy-based desserts) and high sugar intake and consequently insulin jumps can be a real cause of cognitive decline. “

As for drinking milk, Calino says he “suggests a moderate intake of dairy products, focusing on high-quality options if available,” while “recommending rich in probiotics, fermented sources such as yogurtkefir and lassi. “In addition, it is not necessary to” avoid whole milk products due to the saturated effect of fats. “

To find out if you should take a more moderate approach to drinking dairy products, be sure to read on 5 warning signs that you are drinking too much milk.

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