How to meet women and where to find like-minded souls


meIf you’re wondering how to meet women, you may be cross-eyed when you type “single women in my area” into a search engine, this reassurance if you learn that you can’t just find love online. At least not yet.

Finding romance in dating apps is perhaps the most pronounced trend, especially among the younger ones, however most couples they still meet in the real world in places where they spend a lot of time. And we’ll tell you some of the best places to meet women.

The dating world is still your oyster, so get out of your shell and learn how to meet women.

Here are five suggestions on where to meet women (and a reminder that online dating also works).

1. Holidays for singles

After a few years of on-off restrictions that will disappoint even the most ardent of dates, the world has reopened. Holidays remain a great way to meet new people, especially if it is one of many single holidays where the itinerary is based on a shared interest in places or activities among the participants. There’s still something wonderfully romantic about being on foreign soil when you discover you’re sharing common ground with someone. And at least you get a vacation from that.

2. Evening courses

Here’s an unusual fact that may or may not be true: you can’t sign up for an evening course on How to Improve Your Dating Skills. However, your presence at the lecture already indicates that you are aware that you are open to self-improvement and that you want to learn new things – and these are two attractive qualities. Five percent of couples get acquainted with pursuing a common hobby, and evening courses are designed to engage and are an ideal way to meet others with whom you already have something in common, whether it’s the subject itself or both are willing to attend Trapeze Artistry for Beginners. And of course for men there are practical benefits to learning skills that many of us are born without, such as cooking, dancing … there is a list of these.

3. Volunteering

Companies like Good Deed Dating organize volunteer events for single people who support charities and perhaps lead to romance among those who dedicate their time. But let’s look back and consider the order of the words on his behalf – see how good work is before dating? Similarly, Crisis describes a situation faced by the homeless, not your love life, and although the British Heart Foundation is working to help eradicate heart disease and disease, a heart attack is not on its list. If you want a relationship that is more of giving and giving than giving and taking, volunteering opens that door for you. And here’s a very appealing alternate position of realizing that you’ve done a good job no matter what happens.

4. Exercise

Like all the suggestions in this article, it helps if you have or plan to (re) discover an interest in fitness and exercise before you decide to meet people. Women are more enthusiastic about a man who takes care of himself than a man who takes care of himself, and there is no hiding what category you fall into when a spin cycling or zumba course starts. But cycling and running clubs, especially those where the emphasis is on enjoyment and the pace at which you feel comfortable (a rule that also applies to relationships by the way), are another good way to spend time with like-minded … like-minded people. And the health benefits speak for themselves.

5. Walk with the dog

Throughout history, men have made the mistake of hiring a two-legged winger when science (not lab stuff – another type of chemistry) has proven that a four-legged winger does the job twice as well. Another special feature of meeting women is that a leash in hand can unleash a hidden attraction in you as a potential partner. Maintaining the number of steps can become the beginning of a conversation with the addition of a puppy. And all the best relationships start with a spark to catch someone in the eye and chat. However, two things need to be noted: a dog is for life, even if the women you meet while walking are not – and you may end up becoming a dog companion.

And last but not least …

The Telegraph has a long history of connecting its readers. Dating first appeared in a newspaper called Kindred Spirits in the early 1990s, before it moved online in 2005 and became Telegraph Dating a few years later.

While the dating landscape has changed during this time, our goal remains the same: to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people. Some team members have been part of the service for over 25 years, and our UK-based customer support staff continue to check the profile and picture of each new member before appearing online. We have helped tens of thousands of people turn online dating into happy and lasting relationships, weddings and Telegraph dating.

If you are single and interested in meeting local women, join Telegraph Dating. With more than 220,000 like-minded single people, Telegraph Dating is the best place to look for romance.

If you are single and interested in meeting like-minded people, join Telegraph dates. With more than 220,000 like-minded single people, Telegraph Dating is the best place to look for romance.

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