Gastrosurgeon dr. Soumen Roy is creating a legacy in the field of medicine with his expertise


Entering the health care sector means that a person will have to make a long-term commitment to working long hours, and sometimes even their personal life can get in the way. This happens because one doctor’s decision can change anyone’s fate. Doctors have the power to remove the pain and suffering of others by providing them with appropriate medical care. These health professionals are a constant source of happiness for many people and their families. One such doctor who has been contributing to the field of medicine for more than 10 years is gastrosurgeon Dr. Soumen Roy.

dr. Soumen Roy, who has been in the medical field for more than a decade, has become one of the leading gastrosurgeons in Odisha. He is currently a Senior Consultant in the Department of GI Surgery, GI Oncology, Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Over the years, he has performed countless gastrointestinal surgeries to help many people live disease-free lives. His areas of expertise include the treatment of liver, gallbladder and pancreas, gastric and esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, liver transplantation, and BPH and liver transplant surgery.

dr. Soumen Roy had a desire to do something for people since his youth and also had an inclination towards the health sector. So he decided to become a medical expert. He obtained first division MBBS from SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha during 2001-2007. He then completed his training in Masters in Surgery from PGIMER, Chandigarh during 2009-2011. Subsequently, to enhance his surgical skills, he completed his Master of Surgery (MCh) degree in GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation from the renowned AIIMS, New Delhi. dr. Soumen Roy is one of those people who believe in the concept that “study has no age limit”. To further expand his knowledge in this field, he completed two fellowships, one in Liver Transplantation at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi and the other in Minimal Access Surgery at Max Hospital, New Delhi.

dr. Soumen Roy shares his expertise, “In all these years, I have witnessed many cases and treated many patients. I realized that people often neglect the stomach problems they face. They think it could be normal pain, but they don’t understand that “no pain is normal”. Your body is signaling that something is wrong, ‘normal pain’ could be a serious problem with your liver or intestines. Therefore, my main advice is to never self-diagnose, but rather consult a professional. This includes avoiding alcohol and smoking, eating lots of green vegetables, avoiding canned or burnt meat, maintaining a normal weight and exercising regularly.”

All this time in the field of medicine, Dr. Soumen Roy no doubt gave a great understanding of how things work. Due to his good work, he also connected with various recognized groups. He is a Life Member of Liver Transplant Society of India (LTSI) and is also a member of some other societies like European-International Hepato-Pancreaticobiliary Association (E-IHPBA), Indian Association of Surgeons. of Gastroenterology (IASG), International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS), Society of Surgeons of India (ASI) and Indian Society of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG).

dr. Through his work, Soumen Roy has brought positive changes in the society and in the lives of various people. He helped many people to start a new life. The upliftment of the society is his ulterior motive and he wants to bring more changes in the healthcare sector in India so that no one has to face the consequences. Especially after the pandemic, he became even more aware. The best thing about all this is that people in the society also recognize his efforts. He has received various appreciations including one for helping in 3 liver transplants (2 live and 1 dead) in one day on the 35th anniversary of Apollo Hospital Group.




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