Do you want to lose weight but have thyroid problems? Add these 5 foods to your diet for faster results


“Your weight seems to be increasing. Is it because of the thyroid?” Well, with the awareness of health related issues, people have become more aware of the problems they may be going through. Weight gain can happen for many reasons. Thyroid is one. It is a chronic disorder, which slows down the metabolism, increases weight, or makes it difficult to lose weight. In fact, in some cases, thyroid problems are caused by being overweight. That’s why people are often advised to treat their thyroid problems as the first step in any weight loss journey. After that, weight loss diet has an important role in thyroid patients.

Health Shots spoke to Hari Lakshmi, Consultant Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai to find out what to eat and what to avoid with thyroid for weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to add healthy food to your diet in addition to regular exercise. However, from yours thyroid gland gland plays an important role in weight gain, it takes much more effort to lose weight.

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Lakshmi says, “Since thyroid hormone is responsible for metabolic functions, its imbalance can lead to weight gain. Adequate treatment of hypothyroidism should be your priority before embarking on any diet or exercise regimen. Inadequately treated hypothyroidism can make weight loss difficult. If you want to lose weight, you need to take care of your overall health. Most people control their thyroid through their daily diet.”

Here’s what you should or shouldn’t eat to lose weight with hypothyroidism:

You can maintain your hormonal functions with a quality diet. Better control of your lifestyle can help you lose weight easily with thyroid.

Foods you should eat if you have thyroid:

1. Increase your iodine intake

That’s pretty obvious. Iodine is a mineral that regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland in the body. Therefore, include sources rich in iodine in your diet, such as salt, fish, dairy products, eggs, etc.

2. Fiber

Adding fiber-rich foods to your diet can improve digestion. Make sure you add plenty of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and legumes to your daily diet.

weight loss in the thyroid gland
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3. Selenium-rich foods are important

It is another mineral that aids in the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The addition of Brazil nuts, sardines, eggs and legumes will help.

4. Vitamin D

You need vitamin D, as vitamin D deficiency is associated with weight gain. In addition, the demand for vitamin D is increased if you have thyroid problems. Foods rich in vitamin D include eggs, fatty fish, organic meats, mushrooms and sunlight.

5. Copper and omega-3

If you are looking for weight loss thyroid tips, copper and omega 3 should be part of your diet. Almonds, sesame seeds and legumes are good sources of copper. Ghee, walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Tip: Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps you lose weight faster and controls your hormones.

Fruits for weight loss in thyroid patients

In addition to these foods, you should include fruits in your thyroid diet to control your weight and overall health. Apples, berries, and avocados are among the fruits that are good for thyroid patients because of their many health benefits. Since these fruits are high in antioxidants, they are helpful in preventing free radical damage to the thyroid gland. Not only that, they can help lower cholesterol, protect against diabetes, prevent obesity and prevent heart problems.

Foods to avoid with thyroid:

1. Limit your intake of sugar and foods high in carbohydrates

When it comes to weight loss, sugar and carbs are a big no-no. Such foods can also raise blood sugar levels.

weight loss in the thyroid gland
Sugar can have a negative effect on your health and should be replaced with healthier alternatives! Image author:

2. Foods that contain goitrogens

Some foods contain goitrogens, which interfere with normal thyroid function. Such foods include millets, soybeans, cruciferous vegetables, etc.

3. Highly processed foods

Highly processed foods such as snacks, frozen foods and cookies should be avoided as they are generally high in sodium.

4. A certain fruit

If you want to lose weight with hypothyroidism, you should also avoid certain fruits such as peaches, pears and strawberries.

5. Dairy products

Milk, cheese, paneer curd and butter are dairy products that you should avoid as they can alter the hormonal balance in your body and lead to weight gain.




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