Thinking about IVF? Here are 5 foods you can add to your diet


A healthy diet plays an important role at all stages of life, and for couples embarking on the IVF journey, it is as important as ever. The foods you eat form your nutritional foundation, upon which all bodily functions are built. Your diet is responsible for egg count, sperm quality, hormonal balance, uterine health, and many other fertility-related processes. That’s why proper IVF nutrition is crucial to the success of your infertility treatment.

So when you decide to IVF treatment, be careful with your diet and write down a list of foods that will help you through the day while you undergo the process. Let us help you with some healthy eating suggestions on your journey to motherhood.

Foods to eat and avoid during IVF treatment

First of all, eating healthy means providing your body with the desired amount of nutrients every day. In addition, you can also monitor the number of calories you consume each day and change your diet accordingly to create the best diet for IVF success.

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Here are 5 foods you can add to your IVF diet:

1. Foods rich in zinc

Our body only needs traces of this mineral. It helps regulate hormones in the body. Foods rich in zinc, such as nuts, dairy products, potatoes, meat products and cereals, should be included in the diet.

2. Folic acid

It plays a key role in the development of the child’s brain and spinal cord. For this reason, it is given as a supplement during pregnancy. In addition, one should try to include foods rich in folic acid such as beans, spinach, peas, broccoli, etc.

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3. Foods rich in protein

Protein is the building block of life and increasing protein intake by even a gram before fertility treatment can result in better outcomes for the baby. Foods rich in protein include fish, tofu, yogurt, milk, lean chicken, nuts, broccoli, etc. In addition, well-boiled eggs are also a good source of protein.

4. Food rich in iron

Iron deficiency during pregnancy can cause anemia, which can lead to low birth weight or premature birth. Some good sources of iron are spinach, oysters, and pumpkin seeds.

5. Green vegetables

Certain other foods such as green leafy vegetables, bananas and dates are considered beneficial during IVF treatment.

IVF nutrition
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Other dietary tips for IVF treatment:

We must be aware that in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, it is also necessary to consume a sufficient amount of water and to be well hydrated at all times. While proper nutrition is critical during the healing process, consuming adequate amounts of water and staying well hydrated at all times are also essential.

Some foods that should be completely avoided during IVF treatment include:

1. Raw eggs

Eating raw eggs can cause food poisoning due to the presence of the salmonella virus. Therefore, boiled eggs are recommended during the treatment process.

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2. Processed foods

Processed foods are full of preservatives, so avoid them during this time. In addition, certain processed meats, such as salami, are high in hormone residues and can interfere with IVF treatment. Therefore, it is best to avoid them for better results.

IVF nutrition
Processed food should always hinder the disease prevention process. Image credit: Shutterstock

3. Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweeteners are saccharin-based sweeteners that can reduce the success of IVF treatment and should be avoided during the procedure.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to adversely affect fertility and should be avoided completely.

Also, avoid smoking during IVF treatment:

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but it can also affect your fertility. Therefore, temporary withdrawal should be considered during IVF treatment.




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