3 solid reasons why oats are the best breakfast for heart patients


As a heart patient, it becomes extremely important to eat healthy. Every food that enters your body should help improve your cardiovascular health and one such food is oats!

We’ve all heard that oats are great choosing breakfast for weight loss but it also works like magic in keeping our heart healthy. With World Heart Day just around the corner, Health Shots is working to spread awareness about how to achieve good cardiovascular health. And adding oats to your diet is a delicious way to get closer to that health goal.

Start your day with a bowl of oats for the good of your heart! Image credit: Shutterstock

“Oats are a nutrient-dense food that is associated with lower blood cholesterol when eaten regularly,” says Dr. Kiran Rukadikar, bariatric physician and obesity consultant.

Here’s why oats are good for your heart:

1. Helps lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is needed to build healthy cells in our body, but increasing its level causes fatty deposits to build up in the blood vessels, increasing risk of heart disease. So low cholesterol is essential for good heart health, and that’s where oats come in.

“Oat β-glucan (OBG), the main soluble fiber in oats, is considered to be the main active ingredient responsible for lowering cholesterol effect. Health claims relating to cholesterol-lowering and soluble fiber from oat products have been approved by food standards agencies around the world,” says Dr. Handyman.

oats lower cholesterol
Keep your cholesterol under control with a delicious bowl of oats! Image credit: Unsplash

2. Rich in nutrients necessary for the heart

Oats are a powerful source of nutrients that help keep our heart alive. dr. Rukadikar explains the nutritional value of oats which is: every 100g of raw uncooked oats will provide 390 calories of energy, 66g of carbohydrates, 11.5g of dietary fiber, 17g of protein and 7g of fat. It contains good amounts of vitamin B1, B5 and some minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus etc. which are key minerals required for keep our heart healthy. Soluble fiber beta-glucans are 4 gm.

oats for heart health
Oats contain all the nutrients your heart needs! Image credit: Shutterstock

3. Promotes weight loss and protects the heart

Unhealthy eating habits, high cholesterol and excess body weight are interconnected and have a direct, very negative effect on our heart. It is very important for a heart patient to eat light and healthy food and maintain his weight. This is where oats help. Oats are perfect for weight loss due to their high fiber content, as they keep us full for longer.




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