5 great tips on how to cool down after a heated argument with your partner


Arguing with anyone can make you angry and disappointed. Although everyone is entitled to an opinion, disagreements make the situation worse. Arguments are an integral part of any relationship. Everyone has emotions, including anger. If you’re left sobbing, shaking, hurt, angry or angry after an expletive-filled verbal exchange, we’ve got some great tips to help you calm down and feel better in no time. All set to find out?

How to calm down after an argument

Conflicts can cause intense emotional reactions, especially when they change the dynamics of a partnership. So it’s normal to feel angry and have negative feelings inside of you after an argument. Do not blame yourself for such feelings. It is possible that your partner also finds himself in a similar situation. One thing is crystal clear that whether these feelings are directed towards the person you are arguing with or the situation, you need to cool down. Otherwise, it can harm your emotional and psychological well-being.

Health Shots contacted Dr. Kedar Tilwe, Consultant Psychiatrists, Fortis Hospital Mulund and Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi Hospital – A Fortis Network Hospital to suggest some of the best ways to calm down after an argument or fight.

To calm down after an argument, you can do these 5 things:

1. Stress relievers

Using your favorite stress management technique is helpful. You can try listening to music you love or a playlist that makes you laugh, spend time on your hobbies, or simply go for a walk away from the situation. This way, you can undoubtedly relax and give yourself some time to think.

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2. Exercise

No, we don’t recommend you exercise immediately after a fight. However, regular morning exercise, brisk walking or yoga can help you stay focused in any situation. Dr Tilwe says: “A mild form of physical exertion will help reduce most of the frustration, anger, resentment and tension that can affect us after an argument.” So go for a short walk, slow jog, or even take your pet for a walk and watch the anger melt away.

3. Release

Use whatever form of relaxation works for you to calm down after an argument. Meditation, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation can help. Mindfulness techniques like mindful breathing, mindful walking, and mindful eating are also fun ways to calm down. The purpose of these things is to change your focus so that you will get over your anger.

4. Stay calm and quiet

Sometimes not responding to a provocation and trying to win an argument then and there can be crucial to helping you save a relationship. Therefore, consciously avoid the desire and need for immediate confrontation. In fact, if it’s your fault, accept it and move on.

take it easy
You need to relax! Image credit: Shutterstock

5. Develop a routine and practice it

Most of the time we don’t go looking for arguments, but they will happen from time to time, so develop a self-soothing routine and do it regularly. It can include positive cognitive affirmations to yourself, distraction methods you can use, or even stress reliever toys that can come in handy. You can also sit quietly and shake your body.

Don’t hesitate to talk to a mental health professional or use the stress helplines available if you can’t control your frustration or anger!




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