LinkedIn experts share their best quirky LinkedIn marketing hacks


LinkedIn is a great place to grow your business.

In the last 12 months, 93% B2B marketers most often used the platform for organic content distribution. LinkedIn also topped the same survey for top performers.

The same study reveals that content marketers are also spending more on paid content promotion. The best platform where they spend? Linkedin.

Businesses can also use the network to market and reach potential customers. In fact, there are more than 1 billion interactions on LinkedIn pages each month.

With these numbers, there’s no denying the power of this social media platform to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.

Are you ready to take your LinkedIn marketing game to the next level, but not sure where to start?

Here are LinkedIn savvy tips from seven LinkedIn experts to boost your marketing efforts.

Take advantage of LinkedIn Live

Thomas J. Armitage

Sales Manager, Site Finder

LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B playground. It’s like a professional conference that never ends.

In particular, live streaming continues to be underutilized. This is because people crave valuable learning material.

With live streaming, thought leaders can bypass the headaches typically associated with traditional webinar setups. No landing pages or sign-up forms required. You can also easily promote the event with sharing and invitations.

While you’ll need third-party streaming software, most play well with LinkedIn.

And live streams are a great way to break the monotony of text posts and engage with your audience on a more personal level.

Make sure you identify a niche topic. Write a strong description that includes who the stream is for.

Invite users who you know will find it worthwhile. And promote it – both before and after the event, as the entire video will be available for streaming.

Improve your content strategy

Adam Houlahan Adam Houlahan

LinkedIn Specialist at Prominence Global, Author of “Influencer – The 9-Step Guide to Becoming Highly Influential in Any Industry”

The most effective LinkedIn lead generation strategy that delivers consistent long-term results is Algorithmically aligned content.

Only 1% of LinkedIn’s 850+ million members share content regularly (weekly). Less than 1% of that 1% actually understand and share the content that LinkedIn sees as valuable to its membership and organically promotes it to you.

Share content that creates conversations on the platform and shows that you are an authority in your field of expertise without solving your audience’s problems for them.

I call it “Know How” with “No How” content.

Execute this content strategy consistently and your ideal customers will gravitate to you to solve their problems.

Felipe Bazon Felipe Bazon

International SEO and Content Marketer

In 2017, I decided that the only social network I would use professionally would be Linkedin.

Since then, I’ve been posting weekly (sometimes daily) SEO strategies, techniques, and insights.

This has helped me build a network and reach decision makers who see my posts and get in touch through the platform or our website to fill out a contact form.

These leads-turned-customers have contributed to our exponential growth since opening an office in Brazil.

Being a well-known search engine optimization expert, I used them to our advantage; all traces came from my personal account, not the company account.

We have a business page for the UK and Brazil and we’re doing some Linkedin ads to promote some things, but it’s through the personal profile that the magic happens.

Since then, my posts have averaged:

  • 100 interactions (likes and comments)
  • Five to seven organic leads per month

My tips are:

  • Consistency and frequency. Aim for at least a few posts each week.
  • Avoid sharing links in your posts; leave them in the comments. This increases the reach of your posts by at least 30%. For example, if you want to share a new blog article, publish a post that talks about that topic and say, “We wrote a full guide on X, link to it in the comments.
  • Don’t be shy about sharing insights, thoughts and results. The community loves these kinds of posts. These tend to get a lot of interactions.

Optimize your site

Virginia Cantin Virginia Cantin

LinkedIn Coach –, Author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery”

My personal hack uses the experience section to highlight my services and activities. So instead of having a single job title like “Founder,” I will have multiple job titles under my LinkedIn company page for each “hat” I wear in my company.

I have a job opening for my 1:1 coaching service, LinkedIn PEELING. The second post is dedicated to my online course, LinkedIn BREAK-IN. Then I use a separate job title to emphasize that I’m a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Last but not least, I have a fourth job that is designed to be found by people looking for speakers and podcast guests.

The beauty of having multiple job titles is that you can optimize each one for the algorithm so that people looking for a specific service or podcast author or guest can easily find you.

Andy Foote Andy Foote

LinkedIn Advanced Strategies Coach

LinkedIn makes it very difficult to know who your “super fans” and potential “super fans” are; like they don’t want you to build any kind of base.

You can see this by how they treat followers; they don’t ‘follow’ at all – because the algorithm puts itself between you and the people who voted to view your content.

Fortunately, there is software on the market (peakAboo the author Daniel Hall), which provides juicy data on everyone who has commented on your LinkedIn posts. This helps me know who is solidly supporting me and, more importantly, people who have only commented a few times.

It is the latter category that I want to focus on and find a way to turn them into persistent supporters, also known as “Super Fans”.

Favor a human-centered approach

Sandra Long Sandra Long

LinkedIn Coach and Speaker – Post Road Consulting, Author of “LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide”

Activate your team of employees. Make sure your team’s LinkedIn profiles are on-brand and focused on solving customer problems rather than recruiting.

Encourage the team to find and connect with colleagues, customers and prospects. Train your team to build relationships with thoughtful, helpful comments and personalized messages.

Say no to automation. Train them to engage, inspire and motivate their professional networks with valuable comments, original posts and shared or reposted content from company pages.

Develop a company hashtag and communicate how to use it on LinkedIn. Most importantly, build your team’s confidence and make it fun!

Josh Steimle Josh Steimle

Founder of the LinkedIn agency BlueMethod, Author of the WSJ & USA Today bestseller “60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery”

LinkedIn helps me solve my biggest challenges as an entrepreneur, be it sales, recruiting or finding partners.

LinkedIn has easily created millions of dollars in value for me.

Although I wrote a book with 60 tips on LinkedIn, everything I teach in my book can be summed up in two words: Be a man. This is the best LinkedIn hack.

Too many try to imitate the LinkedIn bots by spamming, posting content but never engaging with commenters, and avoiding the time-consuming, truly creative part of one-on-one communication. But that’s where LinkedIn excels!

When you use LinkedIn to talk directly with others, like a normal human being, that’s when LinkedIn becomes indispensable.


As the world’s largest online professional network, Linkedin is a great addition to your social media marketing strategy.

Be sure to take advantage of LinkedIn’s features and be consistent—all while providing value and nurturing relationships.

Armed with these tips, you’re sure to thrive on LinkedIn and reap the rewards.

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