Want your skin to glow from the inside out? Add these magical nutrients to your diet


Food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to achieving that glowing skin you’ve always wanted. We tend to focus on external remedies and remedies. You might be using the right skin care products, regularly doing facials, exfoliating your skin, etc. and so on. But true beauty comes from within. What we eat has a bigger impact on our skin than most of us realize. That’s why it’s important to consume the right nutrients for your skin.

Here are 3 nutrients that can do wonders for your skin:

1. Vitamin C is important for the health of your skin

It is the most famous antioxidant vitamin vitamin C. It is known for its ability to regenerate aging skin and is also responsible for the production of collagen. It also helps heal sun-damaged skin. Fresh orange juice is the best thing in the morning. It is crucial that you continue to consume products containing vitamin C on a daily basis to strengthen your immune system. A healthy immune system means healthy skin.

Vitamin C is the cocoon of health your body needs. Image credit: Shutterstock

Foods high in vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, include citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers and Brussels sprouts.

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2. Vitamin D keeps your skin healthy

Our body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to function properly. A deficiency of any vitamin can cause a variety of problems. Our skin and hair also need vitamins and minerals. One of the most important vitamins for our body is vitamin D. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and one of the most important vitamins for biological function. Vitamin D helps reduce damage to the environment. It acts as an antioxidant, and topical vitamin D can suppress harmful environmental oxidants that cause it premature aging. It regulates cell metabolism and prevents the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin, which causes psoriasis. It also controls oil production through the skin’s sebaceous glands.

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Can’t get enough sun exposure? Make sure you eat foods rich in vitamin D! Image credit: Shutterstock

3. Omega-3 fats can give your skin a glow

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish like salmon, will help improve your skin’s hydration. It also helps regulate your skin’s oil production. They act as fundamental components of cell membranes, protect the brain, directly reduce inflammation, increase risk factors for heart disease, reduce menstrual pain, and improve bone health. Not only that, but they also contribute to the development of the skin barrier, protect against acne and leave your skin glowing, supple and healthy. Some fatty acids, such as omega-9, are produced naturally by the body. Others, such as omega-3 and -6, must be obtained from external sources such as diet or topical application.




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