Have you tried Dhanwantharam oil for body pain? My mom says it works wonders!


The physical pain is severe. Carrying on with daily tasks when your body is involuntarily responding to physical pain is by no means easy. Pain in the knee joint or stiff shoulders can be a big obstacle in basic daily activities. So how do we get rid of this constant pain? Well, massaging your body with warm oil seems to help! But oils are not effective. Ayurveda has one oil in its records that seems to work magic for body pains and it is known as Dhanwantharam Thailam!

Winter is hard on the elderly, especially those with arthritis or a history of joint pain. Low temperatures, lack of vitamin D at this time of the year mitigates their pain in the jointsmaking it a nightmare for them to live.

My mom also goes through this in the winter due to knee pain. She was in severe pain until recently when her problems suddenly subsided and I noticed an improvement in her movements. When asked how she is no longer in excruciating pain, she told me that her masseuse has been massaging her with oil for quite some time and it seems to be working! It was nothing but Dhanwantharam oil. To learn more about this oil, I spoke to an Ayurvedic expert.

A body massage with dhanwantharam oil will banish your pain! Image credit: Shutterstock

Dhanwantharam oil is a blend of herbs such as ashwagandha, amla, Indian bael etc. which have been processed in sesame oil. “Dhanwantharam Thailam is a useful herbal product. Its components can help treat various types of physical pain. This oil will help you a lot if you are sensitive or allergic to traditional pain relievers.” says dr. Anu Sreedhar KC, Ayurvedic Consultant.

dhanwantharam oil
This oil has the goodness of Ashwagandha and Amla! Image credit: Shutterstock

dr. Sreedhar further explained that when applied to the body, the oil penetrates deeply into the tissues. This allows the therapeutic properties of the oil to reach the tissues. This helps in ensuring that the problem is properly treated. The oil is a natural herbal product that uses only natural ingredients.

Benefits of Dhanwantharam Thailam (Oil)

Dhanwantharam Thailam contains components that can help reduce pain in a healthy way. dr. Sreedhar shared the following benefits of using this oil:

* Promotes bone and joint health.
* Supports inflammation control. The pain decreases as the inflammation subsides.
* This oil can also be used to treat numbness and pain related to nerves.
* Women who are pregnant can use this oil. This would ease their postpartum discomfort. This oil can help maintain the pelvic muscles. It can be used for body massage.
* The energy of the body can be maintained by using this oil.
* This oil will be especially beneficial for people with spondylosis and back problems.
* It is useful for headache relief.
* This oil is usually recommended to help people with arthritis, neuralgia, facial paralysisand paralysis to better manage their condition.

arthritis oil
Do you have arthritis? Treat yourself to a dhanwantharam oil massage! Image credit: Shutterstock

How to use Dhanwantharam oil?

You can apply Dhanwantharam oil on your body daily or as directed by your doctor. A clean cloth should be used for application heated oil to the body. The ideal use of oil on the body or affected areas should include massage. “For the oil to reach the tissues, the massage should last at least 30 minutes. After that, you can clean the oil with warm water,” says Dr. Sreedhar.

Try Dhanwantharam oil and maybe you will feel as relieved as my mom after using this oil!




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