Is it safe to use vegetables and fruits for your own pleasure? Let’s find out


Carrots, radishes, bananas, cucumbers and zucchini are healthy if eaten as fruits and vegetables. But if you’re obsessed with the idea of ​​using these phallic-shaped foods for pleasure, STOP! The idea of ​​using fruits and vegetables for masturbation instead of using fingers or sex toys can affect the health and hygiene of your vagina, experts say.

Inserting fruits and vegetables into your vagina should never be the solution to your desire for self-pleasure, says popular sex health educator Seema Anand. Advocate of healthy and safe sex practicesthe social media influencer shared masturbation advice.

How safe is it to use fruits and vegetables for your own pleasure?

Sex and masturbation still remain silent topics in salons and homes, although the virtual world makes it seem otherwise. A growing tribe sexual health educators and influencers have facilitated conversations on social media about sexual health overtime, but at a basic level, people have a lot to know and learn. So when one follower asked Seema Anand about how safe it is to use “natural options” like fruits and vegetables for masturbation — also known as organic masturbation to some — she had her say here!

“I understand that sex toys are often very hard to come by, but fruits and vegetables should never be an option! Pesticides, soil residues and germs that come with any produce are not easy to get rid of and can be a source of serious infections,” Seema Anand wrote in an Instagram post.

Masturbation has many health benefits! Image credit: Shutterstock

Vaishali Sharma, MD (AIIMS) COAG (Harvard), Ph.D. Vaishali Sharma, MD (AIIMS) DSAGE (Germany) basic hygiene should be maintained to avoid unwanted infections and health problems. , senior gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist.

“It’s unhygienic, brittle and stuck in the vagina,” says the doctor when asked about using fruits and vegetables for masturbation.

Tips for safe masturbation

1. Use sex toys instead of vegetables and fruits

“It is better to use more sophisticated products made specifically for this purpose,” says Dr. Sharma. We agree! The market for sexual well-being products is growing and online sales have increased access. In addition, people may be aware the health benefits of masturbationlet us tell you that using sex toys can be beneficial for you too.

If you’re shy about using sex toys, trust Seema Anand’s expert advice: “Use your fingers! Trim your nails (sharp nails can damage your vagina), wash your hands well before use. The way you can control masturbation with the nerve endings in your fingertips is unparalleled, and it’s also the safest alternative!”

2. Inserting vegetables can alter vaginal pH

Normally, vaginal secretions are acidic to prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms. Anything that makes it slightly alkaline can provide favorable conditions for the growth of disease-causing organisms. It can cause bacterial, fungal or viral infections, says Dr. Sharma.

Carrots are for eating only
Carrots are for eating only! Image credit: Shutterstock

3. Fruits and vegetables are fragile

The thought of it may be scary, but it can happen! dr. Sharma reveals, “Many times girls come in as an emergency with a complaint of a broken foreign body stuck in the vagina. This must be removed immediately or it can lead to a severe infection such as PID. In some cases, if this crushed vegetable or fruit is not recognized at the beginning, there is a risk that the lodged object will settle deep inside and cause a fulminant infection. This, says the doctor, must then be surgically removed under anesthesia.

Things you should never use for masturbation

If you have a vanilla sex life, the idea of ​​using things like an electric toothbrush or even a bathroom faucet may seem foreign to you. But that doesn’t mean people don’t like it.

One online search of household items that people use for masturbation can tell you the type of things they reach for! This includes things like a hairbrush, candles, lotions, creams and oils (like lubricants), pens, pillows and makeup products! The weirdest? Vacuum cleaner. Well, let’s just say it’s better to use sex toys or the good old finger for this.

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