YouTube suspends adverts on Russell Brand’s channel as Katy Perry clips resurface


Resurfaced footage shows moment Katy Perry found out Russell Brand dumped her

YouTube has suspended adverts on Russell Brand’s channel in light of a slew of sexual assault and rape allegations made against the comedian, as clips of his former wife Katy Perry have resurfaced.

The platform’s suspension, for “violating its policy”, will still allow Brand to upload videos to his 6.6 million followers, but he will not profit from advertising.

Meanwhile, footage has reemerged showing the moment Brand ended his relationship with US singer Perry by text message in 2011, following their 14-month marriage.

Presenter Vanessa Feltz has also shared “deeply offensive” footage of Brand asking to sleep with her and her daughters when she appeared on his chat show in 2006.

And the late comedian Sean Lock disclosed the reason he hated Brand in a clip from the panel show 8 Out Of 10 Cats in 2014, explaining he had a “fear” his daughters would bring home a man like Brand one day.

Brand has vehemently denied the “very serious criminal allegations” and said his relationships were “absolutely always consensual”.

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Recap: Brand ‘quits two of his businesses’ in wake of allegations

Russell Brand has reportedly quit two of his businesses in the wake of a number of allegations made against him.

The comedian has held Director roles at both One Arm Bandit Limited and Mayfair Film Partnership Limited for well over a decade.

However, according to Companies House, he resigned from both on Tuesday. Each business now lists a document on his “termination of appointment”.

Tara Cobham20 September 2023 04:00


First look at Brand’s time at C4 finds no reports to bosses, says CEO

The boss of Channel 4 says the broadcaster has “carried out extensive document searches and thus far have found no evidence to suggest the alleged incidents” about Russell Brand were reported to management.

Channel 4 has launched an investigation into his time at the channel after he was accused of pursuing audience members for sex while presenting the broadcaster’s Big Brother spin-off shows EFourum and Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

Brand has strongly denied the allegations, in a video posted online on Friday, saying he has been “promiscuous” but that all of his relationships have been “consensual”.

Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairwoman Dame Caroline Dinenage wrote to broadcasters on Tuesday, including Channel 4, to request further details on what actions they are taking in response to the allegations.

Dame Caroline asked for the broadcaster to set out the time for completion of the investigation and urged it to “disclose” the information that can be made public.

In a letter to the commons committee on Monday, and published on Tuesday online, Channel 4 chief executive Alex Mahon said: “Since becoming aware of some of the allegations, just over a week ago, we have carried out extensive document searches and thus far have found no evidence to suggest the alleged incidents were brought to the attention of Channel 4 management at the time.

“We will continue to look at this issue and will forensically examine any further information, including the accounts of those affected.”

Tara Cobham20 September 2023 03:00


Resurfaced clip of Brand asking Kelly Brook to send photos of her at 15

Resurfaced footage shows Russell Brand asking Kelly Brook to send him photos of her at 15

Tara Cobham20 September 2023 02:00


Brand bounces Katharine McPhee on lap in resurfaced clip

Jimmy Fallon can be seen in a newly resurfaced clip scolding Russell Brand for making Katharine McPhee uncomfortable by bouncing her on his lap.

The clip began making the rounds onling after a joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches revealed four women have made allegations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse against Brand.

The victims allege that his actions took place between 2006 and 2013 when Brand was a presenter for both BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4. Before the investigation was published, he took to Instagram to disavow and deny the accusations.

Tara Cobham20 September 2023 01:00


Recap: BBC Brand investigation to look into ‘use of cars used by BBC at time’

An investigation by the BBC into Russell Brand’s time at the corporation will look into the use of “any cars used by the BBC at that time”, its director general has said.

In a long-arranged Q and A with staff on Tuesday, Tim Davie was quizzed about how the corporation was responding following accusations about Brand’s time at BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music between 2006 and 2008.

The Times reported on Monday that a woman claims comedian and actor, Brand, used the BBC’s car service to pick her up from school when she was 16 so she could visit his home.

Mr Davie said he hopes a review, led by BBC’s director of editorial complaints Peter Johnston, will give an “initial report in weeks, not months” and added that “the objective is to be totally transparent”.

He also said: “The review will also look at the position regarding any cars used by the BBC at that time – because that was obviously something that, again, in a powerful testimony, was mentioned.”

Tara Cobham20 September 2023 00:00


Comment: Sex with a 16-year-old when you’re 30 is just wrong…

The allegations against Russell Brand over the weekend have got people examining the age of consent. Rightly so. That a 30-year-old man would embark on a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl feels instinctively wrong to many of us.

The woman in question, “Alice”, who has said she now feels she was groomed by Brand (though he has denied all of the allegations), has called for consent law to be reviewed in light of her experience. “The law enabled it,” she told reporters for The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches investigation which was published at the weekend, with the documentary airing on Saturday night. “It shouldn’t be legal for a 16-year-old to have a relationship with a man in their thirties.”

Now, most of us are comfortable with the idea that a 16-year-old can consent to sex with another 16-year-old; that two teenagers can have a sexual relationship. But we start to feel iffy when it’s an adult in a sexual relationship with a minor. As the age gap increases, so does our disquiet. That’s not mere hand-wringing or moralising, and it’s not about trying to deny young people their sexuality. It’s because we understand implicitly, even when we can’t articulate it, that an imbalance of power can affect consent.

Franki Cookney19 September 2023 23:00


Watch: Vanessa Feltz shares clip of Brand asking to sleep with her and daughters

Vanessa Feltz shares clip of Russell Brand asking to sleep with her and her daughters

Tara Cobham19 September 2023 22:00


Recap: Brand episodes removed from C4 website following allegations

Channel 4 has removed a number of TV episodes starring Russell Brand from its catch-up series, following allegations of sexual assault against the presenter.

As Channel 4 announced that it had launched its own internal enquiry into the allegations against Brand, content containing Brand was removed from its streaming service (formerly known as All4 and 4OD).

The box set of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, the spin-off show fronted by Brand, has been removed from the platform, Channel 4 confirmed on Sunday (17 September).

Also among the removed content is a 2019 episode of The Great Celebrity Bake Off, which Brand co-starred in alongside John Lithgow, Jon Richardson and Hannah Cockroft. He won his episode.

A Channel 4 spokesperson confirmed: “We’ve taken down all content featuring Russell Brand while we look into the matter.

“This includes episodes of The Great British Bake Off and the Big Brother box sets that he appeared on.”

Tara Cobham19 September 2023 21:50


Comment: What I saw at Russell Brand’s ‘sober festival’ shocked me

When Russell Brand lifted his two daughters, one aged six, the other aged four, onto his lap on stage at his “living and wellness” Community Festival this summer – only to then begin swearing extravagantly in front of them, for the benefit of his adoring audience – an alarm bell rang.

Foul, expletive-filled language might be what Brand’s loyal cohort of followers (he has over six million YouTube subscribers) expect from him, and even delight in. But firing off four-letter words while two very young girls were sitting passively just inches away from their father was more than just performative crassness. It felt to me like the definition of a red line being crossed.

It wasn’t the only time I thought the comedian turned mindfulness guru strongly misread the room at his homespun healing festival, held in July at Hay-on-Wye, at which his wife, Laura, was given equal billing.

Adam Bloodworth19 September 2023 21:17


Watch: Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter speaks out on Brand rape allegation

Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter speaks out on Russell Brand rape allegation

Tara Cobham19 September 2023 20:30


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