Today we’re making pancakes. Pancakes are great and they are tasty and delicious. I really like using hacks within the kitchen. If it can save me time and save me some dish washing, then I’m all for it. All right. We’ve the control pancakes with no hacks attached to the present. It’s a gorgeous golden brown. There’s an honest slab of butter on there and it’s sitting during a puddle of syrup which we all definitely like considerably. So it’ll be interesting to ascertain how the hacks will affect the looks. So we’re getting to start out with dry ingredients. First up is that the flour and this hack is to aerate it from above than usual. Supposedly sifting it from above will help aerate it. That’s messy which didn’t really seem worth doing to be honest. Oh, I got messy. Not worthwhile. God, dry clean. I’m getting to add the leaven and therefore the bicarbonate of soda. This is often another hack where you add a touch more bicarbonate of soda. So i feel I’m just getting to add like maybe half a teaspoon more. We’ll see how that seems. It’s alleged to help make it crispier and help it brown a touch better. So this recipe involves buttermilk and there is a hack for that. If you do not have buttermilk reception you’ll add some juice. Supposedly it’ll start curdling during a minute approximately but its only time will tell that’s taking a touch of your time. So we’re just getting to set that to the side and obtain to subsequent step. So today we are getting to try separating the ingredient from the egg whites with a slotted spoon. This is often the slotted spoon we’ve for today. We’re getting to crack the egg into the slotted spoon and therefore the reform the slotted spoon should catch the ingredient and the egg whites to drop out. Yeah, I got an honest two teaspoons of albumen out of the slotted spoon. And now they’re just quite forming little bubbles on there for the foremost part. It caught the entire egg. So given the very fact that the egg remains fully within the spoon I might say that the attack may be a fail. Subsequent egg hack involves this funnel and a plastic bottle. It’s already not very eco-friendly, which not an enormous fan of. We are getting to put the funnel within the bottle crack the egg and it will catch the ingredient and therefore the egg whites will drop into the bottle. It seems that the ingredient has cracked and skilled the funnel. Unsure if that was my doing even then check out the albumen, it’s just stuck there. It all went down bad; no pass fail got an additional egg. Just getting to accompany the tried and true method here. This last egg hack involves whipping the egg whites until soft peaks form which may be a similar process to the fluffy Japanese pancakes.

I’m not getting to do this over the top trick but we got some soft peaks. Now that the eggs are done, I’m just getting to check back on the buttermilk didn’t curdle that’s concerning. So now we’re getting to combine these three ingredients. We’re getting to start with the buttermilk i assume it did curdle. Not much, but it did curdle. Now we’re getting to add within the egg yolks and therefore the melted butter. This is often a hack. Apparently it’ll help hamper gluten development and help it brown a touch more. I’m not really sure if this is often a hack because I desire most pancake recipes I’ve used have involved melted butter. Now we’re getting to add a touch little bit of vanilla. All right, now this hack is to feature a touch of orange blossom water. I’ve never had orange blossom water before. So this next hack involves adding some unflavored soda water to the batter. It’s alleged to make it lighter. Hassle! Big hassle! Well the show goes on. I’m like shaking now. I even have no idea how this is often alleged to work. We’ll see how it affects the pancakes. So now we’re getting to add in our wet ingredients to our dry. Ooh I smell the orange. Now we’re getting to gently fold in our egg whites. And for this hack, we are getting to leave it slightly lumpy. Confirm to not leave it too, too lumpy. therefore the batter is completed this hack says to rest it at room temp for half-hour rather than using it immediately, most batters I cope involve resting it. So can’t hurt. We are able to start making the pancakes. The recipe involves a forged iron but this hack is to use a nonstick skillet and to coat rock bottom of the pan. Most of the people use vegetable oil spray or simply oil but this hack is to use butter. Supposedly the butter will help the pancakes brown better and provides it more flavors. Butter does burn easier though. So you bought to take care on the timing for this. I got the batter. I even have transferred it into this squeeze bottle. This is often the opposite hack; I’ve cut the tip a touch bigger. Maybe that’ll make the pancakes prettier. I’m getting to do this few ways. I’m getting to do one where I just squeeze it within the center and i am getting to do one where I do a touch swirl. Oh, well that’s an unsightly pancake. The hack was to go away the batter a touch lumpier but i feel it just didn’t compute on behalf of me. I can see the loose flour. I assumed it might hold its shape, but it didn’t. And now again, I even have more things to scrub and if you have ever watched a squeeze bottle, it isn’t a fun time.

We’re getting to grab some syrup and we’re getting to pour it directly onto one among these pancakes. Therefore the next hack is to flip the pancakes when bubbles form on the surface I do not think it’s able to flip. It’s like very flimsy. Yeah, it wasn’t able to flip. Check out that. She’s so sad. The soda water was alleged to help it crisp more. And that i do see the sides crisping quite nicely. They look a touch bit oily that might’ve been me putting an excessive amount of butter but they are doing look oilier than they ought to be. I’m getting to make two more pancakes. But this point with this I saw this bunch of times on Tik Tok. We all love an honest Tik Tok hack. It showed them making the right pancake to the purpose where it seemed like fake food. You know, I already want to offer this my stamp of approval because it is so cool. It’s sort of a perfect circle. I’ve also seen people use this for like cake batter cupcake batter there’s measurements on the edges. So it seems pretty versatile which I prefer, okay, let’s flip this. Check out it kept shaped so well. All right, pancakes done. I’m getting to put it on a separate plate. Now, let’s examine how they stack against the control pancakes here. I even have my hack pancakes next to my control pancakes. First impression these are thicker. The hack ones are much thinner. The control one doesn’t have crispy edges. The hack ones do. The additional bicarbonate of soda was alleged to help it brown better. I actually think it took longer to brown than normal. So i might lose that. Therefore the bottom of this pancake stack actually has the syrup infused one. So I’m getting to try that one first, before adding syrup to the remainder. It tastes like an orange vanilla cake. I might actually expect to urge this at a flowery LA brunch spot. For the blossom water, I might say it depends on your taste. If you would like to feature that extra dimension thereto, go for it. If you’re trying to find a classic pancake, omit it I might still be adding syrup on top of that. I’m like trying to find the flavor of the syrup. And if you remember, we coated the pan with butter rather than oil or oil spray. I would not say the additional butter was worthwhile because you recognize that fresh slab of butter on top of your freshly made pancakes. So, so important to the experience. If you set this ahead of me i might think it is a diet pancake. So these had the whipped egg whites which were alleged to make them lighter fluffier but they really seem to be much thinner. i might just skip it. It’s more adding the kitchen than it must be. I’m actually getting to taste the control pancake.

That’s a pancake. Give me a moment. Yeah, that’s a pancake. And that i just like the floppiness of this pancake. It seems to be fluffier than the hack pancakes. I’m getting to try perfect pancake now there’s a pleasant crisp, this one didn’t taste overwhelmingly butter-y. Together that was infused with syrup did. If you remember, we added melted butter to the present batter. Desire it doesn’t hurt. i might say choose it. For the buttermilk hack. I do desire it curdled but I’m unsure if it curdled enough. I’m thinking if you do not have time to travel to the shop to urge buttermilk, it is a good alternative. But if you are doing have time to travel to the shop and obtain some buttermilk, I might accompany that. Overall, I desire this is often an honest pancake, but if I’m dreaming a few pancake, I’m dreaming about these but we’ve a couple of more pancake hacks, so let’s get thereto. So this next hack is some things I have been very interested by and it’s using cookie cutters to shape your pancakes. I have been doubtful because I just can’t imagine that the batter won’t run out the edges, but we’ll see. I’m just getting to choose it. It’s running out the edges. Great though. All right, I’m getting to roll in the hay for this one. They’re looking pretty good though, I will be able to say. I’m getting to plan to flip this. Yeah, it does work. I’m so happy. The sides aren’t very clean, but that’s my very own fault because I put an excessive amount of batter within the kitchen utensil. Oh, it is so cute. I feel this hack was definitely a hit. Next time i might just use a touch less batter. Next hack is that the Tik Tok famous pancakes cereal. I put the batter during a squeeze bottle but this point I didn’t cut the tip. For this one, you bought to form sure you’ve got some smooth batter. Tik Tok makes this look very easy but in theory, it’s extremely tedious. i assumed the chopsticks would be helpful but they are not . Those that are too small are really hard to flip. This is often already out of my element because they’re so tiny. All right, this is often looking done. It is so bare the bowl. Should I make more? I made another batch to form this bowl look a touch less sad. And that I will say the second batch came out tons better i feel is simply, you know, need to get a hang of it. Now we’re just getting to add some butter and in fact can’t forget the syrup. It’s cute. I actually want to require an image. Yeah. I’m all happy. Now that I’ve made it. It had been just a process getting here. All right. Yeah. Let’s mix it up.

This probably is adequate to like one pancake. I’m ashamed to mention I approve. It is a fun thanks to eat pancakes, actually. The only difference I might make is to use smooth batter. Here are our last two unconventional pancake methods, one with the sheet pan and one with a rice cooker. I’m getting to start by pouring half my batter into this sheet pan. Though, obviously going into this I’m expecting the feel to vary. Just getting to roll it around to form sure it’s all coated. And i am just getting to add blueberries on one side and chocolate chips on the opposite. I feel that appears good. Now I’m getting to prep it within the rice cooker. The rice cooker really does it all. I saw this on Tik Tok. They literally just poured the batter in there. Let it cook. And it had been wiped out like 20, half-hour. So that is what we’re getting to do. Both the pancakes are set. So it is time to allow them to cook. It’s done! It’s specialized. Obviously it doesn’t quite appear as if a pancake but it’s quite crispy on these corners. Ooh, looks more sort of a pancake now. Am i able to have some syrup? I’m getting to see how it tastes. It’s good, but it doesn’t quite taste like what I’m thinking of pancake would tastes like. I understand this hack for convenience sake but I probably wouldn’t roll in the hay. Our rice cooker pancake has done. Its take this out and you’re alleged to flip. Just does a touch flip? Wow. Oh my goodness. It’s adorable. First impressions. Texture wise. it’s great. It does look nice and moist. Very buttery. It is so big. All right, let’s give this a try. Off the bat, I can already tell it’s cakey. That’s pretty good. I prefer that another than the sheet cake. So we’re through with all the pancake hacks. I might honestly say most of them were Flops, sorry. But my top three favorites were favorite the orange blossom water. Number two, the dispenser for the batter. Number three, the rice cooker method.

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