GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS is a very hot topic across the women in the whole world. She recently has overcome her fat burden and lost some weight. If you are also wondering what are the reasons for GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS then we will try to highlight some points in this article. So, you must keep reading if you want to know about GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS insights. GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS is just another example how celebrities can lose or gain weight whenever they want. They have enough resources and money to test out everything what works for them. However you might not have that kind of money to get results like GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS on your own. So, you either need a proper guidance and training or a magic bullet to duplicate GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS secrets. We will suggest some pills which can help you lose weight and you might see better results than GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS. Our recommendations are purely based on research and thousands of customer testimonials who are already using the product and getting positive results similar to GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS. There is no secret out there which GABOUREY SIDIBE WEIGHT LOSS has as every human body responds and reacts differently. I wanted to write this article because I saw the pictures that Gabourey Sidibe recently posted where she showed off her recent weight loss. So I wanted to show you guys her before and after and other women who have done the same and why you should be inspired as well. B City Bay posted a photo about a day ago and she looks visibly slimmer. This comes after a few years ago where she announced that she was diagnosed at about twenty seven as a type two diabetic and she pretty much battled her weight struggles throughout all of her life even as a young child. So she decided to get the bariatric surgery to maintain her weight loss and she has been incorporating a workout regimen. And whatever she’s been doing has been working perfectly for her because as you can see there is a visible difference. She is slimmer than what we are used to sing with her. And I’m glad that she has been taking charge of her health and it’s interesting because there was this study that I posted on my community tag and in this article. It stated that over 80% of black American women are overweight or obese. When I post it on my community tab a lot of you guys were saying you didn’t believe it but personally I believe it. I’m expecting that there will be common saying that you know we’re just built different or that these are based on white standards. However those factors do apply in some cases but I do feel like on average majority of us are just not as active. And I do feel like we are overweight and according to the standards the BMI I will be considered overweight.

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I’m 5“10 and I always fluctuate between 175 and 180 but trust and believe I’m going to be trying to focus on my health. But some of the factors that I believe contribute to why a lot of us are overweight is the insurmountable stress that is placed upon us coming from a community that’s extremely matriarchal. That means that the women are looked to as the leaders of the community or look to not only raise the children but in some cases they’re taking care of men. Look to be the strength, the backbone, the killers, the doctors, the lawyers and do it all I still keeping a solid career to bring an income and still trying to keep their sanity intact. Doing all those things will stretch you thin. It will cause you to have to neglect yourself and place the priorities of everyone else’s needs above your own. I also believe that it’s due to us not being as active as we could be.  Also believe another contributing factor is our socioeconomic status that was elates to why sometimes our eating habits are not the best. Because when you think about those who live in lower income areas and how close in proximity the fast food restaurants are that convenience and also the affordable items on the list. I’ve heard of some people get in like $100 nuggets from Burger King or somewhere. And they’re only like ten dollars. There are other items that you can get on the value menu where you only spend a dollar and you can get like three items and a large drink. So when you think about that in comparison to how much it costs for vegetables in the store. You can get broccoli and it could be three to four dollars. So you can buy other vegetables such as your celery and carrots. All these different vegetables can easily rack up to a hundred dollars. You don’t even have enough vegetables to make a full complete meal but when you add up the cost of these vegetables in comparison to the fast food. You’re going to be inclined to purchase the fast food over the vegetables something else. You have to also take into account is the quality of supermarkets. When you think about the low-income areas, the type of stores that you see are the food Mac’s the food for less. And when you go through the higher income areas, you see Whole Foods supermarkets. You’ll see your Kroger’s, you’ll see your Trader Joe’s, you’ll see your Raley’s. You see all these other stores that have the healthier food item options as opposed to what they offer at. Like I stating your food for lesser food max so you also have those factors and sometimes we do have some underlying health issues. And we probably haven’t got diagnosed with for why we can’t seem to drop the way.

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Even though some of us are dieting and exercising and that also can contribute to why you might see hyperpigmentation appearing on your face is because your hormones can be out of whack. You just need to go make sure you get that checked out but I fully understand that there are other factors aside from us. Just you know being quote-unquote lazy. We also have to account the financial aspect of it all but I definitely think that we need to stop being in denial about it. And saying things like oh well there’s big people that are healthier than skinny people. I understand that but on average a person that is heavier is more inclined to have more stress placed on their heart. A bunch of debilitating illnesses so I think that we need to be more realistic with ourselves and try to take a different approach when it comes to our health and one thing about this article that I noticed is that it talked about the cultural aspect and I agree with that as well that in our culture as black people we don’t really encourage each other to lose weight. It’s like if you talk about losing weight people will think you’re trying to add brand-new. If you’re talking about losing weight people will say no like you look good being quote unquote thick. Even though you might be overweight and sometimes you just don’t have that support system. It reminds me of this episode of this show called family by the ton where this woman named Naomi. She got the weight loss surgery and her boyfriend was not supportive of it. Also I want to let you guys listen to the audio of this I just know I got spanked on a Caesar salad. You being a weird stuff since you got a changed even have it in my moody yes. You’re very mean Miffy what’s that mean. Then I asked Jeff if I cooked can you clean the kitchen and you said no but you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself right. I can tell that my surgery might have been a little more than he bargained for. I think he’s doing his best to be as supportive as he can for now but only time will tell. A lot of festivals why don’t you try it before you say that butter vegetables eat it for me. I do think it will challenge us. Is it really going to be like this every time we go out? Because you leaving a lot of food that I don’t mean the sign that said but there’s a lot of money need to stake on me. I know I’m going to stay close and I’m not going back to the other meet no matter what he says or with anybody else’s. I mean what you expected so as you can see her boyfriend again was not supportive.

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He sounded like an enabler and was almost disgusted by the fact that she wanted to take charge of her health because he was so threatened by her elevation. And you have to remove people out of your life that want you remained and extinct like that so that they can feel comfortable. Because I feel like he was threatened by that because he felt like she was probably going to leave him once that weight loss started to make her feel more confident in herself. And it also causes me to think about Gaby’s weight loss. I wonder how this will impact her roles because forever I feel like Gaby has been in some way brunt of a joke. Feel like they use her as that quote-unquote nanny status where they’ll get the overweight darker skinned black woman that society views as undesirable unappealing, unattractive and she’s not threatening to non-black women. She was even used as the symbol of what people consider grotesque. I remember this song called mercy at kanye west did and one of the unfortunately popular lines was where he said don’t do no press but I get the most press K + yo my B make your B look like precious. So he was comparing this black woman Gabby to his at the time girlfriend Kim Kardashian. And it just shows you how people used her as the symbol of what was deemed as unattractive. So they love to get these types of women to portray certain roles and unfortunately them portraying those roles negatively impacts black women as a collective good. Examples of this are the shows we see on TV you see the view how the black woman that they have is Whoopi Goldberg. And she’s just that non-threatening black woman that they like to have at the forefront. You can also see that with the talk with Sheryl Underwood how she’s always kind of shucking and jiving on there as you see it with Loni love. Loni love also portrays some of those negative stereotypes and she also fits the bill for always funny comedic relief silly black woman. That non black woman doesn’t really view as attractive but she’s good enough to put on TV because they don’t feel like her beauty is threatening enough. However when you see shows like Lauren Lakes paternity quarter. You see you have this gorgeous intelligent talented black woman that literally is so multifaceted and here’s where they gave her backhanded compliment. There was this Emmy Awards that occurred this year and she won for Lauren Lakes paternity court. And she wasn’t even allowed to give a speech and the producer David Armour and took up all of the speech time. He didn’t even give her any acknowledgement, didn’t think her anything. And this gives you insight on how they’re constantly trying to snipe black women. They will do it with the image where they constantly feed us that we have a bunch of women that quote/unquote represent us who are overweight.

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Or when these black women are fit and intelligent and they do underhanded bullcrap like not giving you the chance to speak when you were the reason why you win massive Emmy Awards. And in terms of Gabby how will this impact her because she has been able to fit into these stereotypical typecast roles and you have to start from the beginning. I mean look at precious look at the imagery impression you have these two biracial women. I believe Paula Patton played one and the other was where I carry and it’s like they came to her rescue from her black mother having her in this toxic household. And then there was this film as she did subsequent to precious called yelling to the sky where she played this bully named Latonya that was picking on zoe kravitz who’s biracial. And it was like this big dark-skinned black woman was picking on the thin timid biracial girl named sweetness O’Hara. And on top of that you know she went on to do American Horror Story and they had her as his character named Queenie where she was part of the witches Council. And she was a young witch then you get her on Empire where she played the ANR named Becky and you could just see there where it’s like you know they have her in this platinum blonde wig. And they have her with this guy and engaging in these roles where it’s still like making her the brunt of the joke. So I definitely feel like Gabby has been used to further certain agendas and I hear all the time that we say that black women are not a monolith. However there are black women like Gabourey Sidibe are put in mainstream media. And unfortunately those being placed in the forefront does cause those images to be trickled down onto the everyday black woman that is not even in the entertainment industry. And also contributes to why many of us are viewed as subhuman and I definitely get that when my gabber I need the roles and they probably could care less about the long term impacts these roles have on us collectively. But it all eventually comes full circle. I mean look at mommy after playing the demoralizing role of precious’s mother. She was in essence blackballed by the producers and the directors of precious after winning an Oscar for the role all because she decided to put her foot down and say hey I’m not going to promote for free but look at her now. She allowed herself to play the stereotypical loudmouth quote sassy black woman in films and on television shows such as the Parkers. And now she keeps running into roadblocks where networks. Such as Netflix are not paying her what she’s worth and I believe what contributes to that are those very roles that she played in the past and I’m not saying that black woman cannot be comedians and they can’t be villains.

gadbourey sidibe weight loss

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