There are arguments during which one person will get so upset that they begin to behave in ways in which range far beyond the imagined norms of civilized conduct. They speak during a highly pitched voice, they exaggerate, they weep, they beg, their words become almost incoherent. They pull their own hair; they bite their own hand; they roll on the ground. Unsurprisingly, it can become supremely tempting for his or her partner to say that this dramatic behavior means they need evidently gone mad – and to shut them down on this score. To press the purpose home, the un-agitated partner may start to talk during a preternaturally calm way, as if addressing an unruly dog or a red-faced two year old. They’ll assert that, since the partner has grown so unreasonable, there doesn’t seem to be any point in continuing the conversation – a conclusion which drives the distressed partner to further paroxysms and convulsions. It’s natural to propose that the one that loses their temper within the course of an argument thereby loses any claim to credibility. Whatever point they’ll be trying to form seems automatically to be invalidated by the very fact that they’re doing so while during a chaotic state. The sole priority seems to be to shift attention to how utterly awful and immature they’re being. It’s evident: the one who is calm is good; the one who is frothing and spluttering may be a cretin. Unfortunately, both partners find you trapped in an unproductive cycle that benefits neither of them. There’s a flash when the calm one may turn and say: ‘Since you’re mad, there’s no point in lecture you.’ the notice – within the raging lover’s mind – that, as they rant and flail.

They’re discarding all possibility of being properly attended to or understood feeds their ever mounting sense of panic: they become yet more demented and exaggerated, further undermining their credibility within the discussion. Hearing their condition diagnosed as insane by the calm one serves to strengthen a suspicion that perhaps they really are mad, which successively weakens their capacity to not be so. They lose confidence that there could be any reasonable aspect to their distress which could (theoretically) be explained during a clear way if only they might stop crying. ‘I’m not getting to hear you any longer if you retain making such a fuss, ’the calm partner might continue to mention – prompting ever more of precisely this ‘fusses. The frustrated one is gradually became a case study fit just for psychotherapy or a straight jacket. They are, as we’d put it, pathologized, delayed as someone who is really crazy, instead of as a standard human who is actually quite sane but has temporarily lost their self-possession on account of a particularly difficult situation. On the opposite side of the equation, the one that remains calm is automatically cast – by their own imperturbable nature and subtle skills at PR – as decent and reasonable. But we should always bear in mind that it’s a minimum of in theory entirely possible to be cruel, dismissive, stubborn, harsh and wrong – and keep one’s voice utterly steady. Even as one can, equally well, be red-nosed, whimpering and incoherent – and have some extent. We’d like to stay in mind a heroically generous attitude: rage and histrionics are often the symptoms of a desperation that sets in when a hugely important intimate truth is being blatantly ignored or denied, without the uncontrolled person being either evil or monstrous.

Obviously the tactic of delivery is drastically unhelpful; obviously it might always be better if we didn’t start to cry. But it’s not beyond understanding or, in theory a minimum of, forgiveness if we were to try to so. It’s horrible and frightening to witness someone getting intensely aroused – but with the advantage of perspective, their inner condition involves deep compassion instead of a lecture. We should always remember that only someone who internally felt their life was in peril would find you during a mess during a discussion. We should always keep this in mind because sometimes it’ll be us who fall under a deranged state; we won’t always be the aggrieved, cooler-headed party. we should always all have a touch film of ourselves at our very worst moments from which we replay brief highlights as we witness the opposite frothing and shouting then remember that while we ourselves looked mad, our contortions were only the outer signs of an inner agony at being unable to form ourselves understood on an important point by the person we relied on. We will stay calm with almost everyone in our lives. If we lose our temper with our partners, it’s (at best, in part) because we are so invested in them and our joint futures. We shouldn’t invariably hold it against someone that they behave during a stricken way; it isn’t (probably) a symbol that they’re mad or horrible. Rather, as we should always have the grace to recollect, it’s just that they love and depend upon us considerably.


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