KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS news is spreading like fire in the woods. This actress became very popular back in year 2018 for KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS pictures. She had been working on her body and posted her recent pictures showing KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS to the world. If you reading this and thinking to get weight loss results as KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS then consider these things. First of all, you might not be a celebrity like her and cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on your body. But if you still want to get motivated by KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS and lose some weight then we will recommend these pills below. You can try these weight loss capsules and checkout the results. You do not need to follow KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS secrets as you may never be able to afford them. But you can always focus on your body requirements and by getting these pills might give you better results than KELLY CLARKSON WEIGHT LOSS.  Last year Kelly Clarkson which if you don’t know who she is. I’m not going to sing for you but she’s a singer. She lost about 37 pounds and she did all this without any exercise. It’s a big Google search term right now trying to figure out. You know how Kelly Clarkson lost this weight. I’m going to be sharing exactly what she did and whether or not you should be doing it too. Kelly Clarkson’s someone who’s pretty much always under a microscope. But we already much all know who she is, she was, wasn’t she like the first American Idol winner and she’s senior. So when she suddenly lost all this weight last year. Everyone wants start asking questions. They want to know exactly what she was doing and the interesting part of all this is that I actually talk about her weight loss. But she also talked about the fact that she’s off thyroid medication now and she’s feeling a lot better. So it’s not just weight loss. It’s also wellness which is great but what does she say is like the key to all this first of all organic non-gmo food. So really focusing on that but she also read this book called the plant paradox by Dr. Gundry and she utilizes those principles in order to lose weight. And also to heal her thyroid issues of a whole premise of the plant paradox is that not all plants are created equal and that some aren’t really good for you because they contain these things called Lectins really have gotten a bad reputation. Because of you know the Paleo diet tends to avoid lectins of this plant paradox type of diet avoids lectins as well. And the reason why is because there’s some research that shows that it may cause increase inflammation. There’s actually you know lectins are using her body. They’re used for cell signaling and they’re also used for some plants for protection mechanisms.

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This research still isn’t entirely there and there’s a lot of conflicting information. But Kelly Clarkson’s lost weight utilizing this information herself. Electeds are in foods like grains, beans, tomatoes, stuff etc section kind of a lot of food. In fact there’s even a type of lectin that’s been found in mushrooms to inhibit cancer cell growth. So that’s what I just want to point out. There is some really conflicting information out there about lectins. It’s been demonized a little bit with this plant paradox but it is in a lot of health promoting foods like beans. So then why did Kelly Clarkson lose weight that’s the biggest question. Like is it the plant paradox diet or is it just you know something else. A question is our lectins the things that are causing you to gain weight. In order to answer this question let’s first look at some of the things that are in lectins that are being removed from this diet. I mentioned pasta and green pasta that soon. As much as I love pasta I really do love pasta. It is really dense in starchy carbohydrates that are stripped of their nutrients really because they do go through your processing where they are most oftentimes stripped of anything that could make it really beneficial for us. Instead having something like pasta will flood your system with glucose and glucose will then cause your body to increase your insulin response which insulin is the storing hormone. And so by having higher levels of insulin you’re going to have more weight gain. By removing something like pasta and swapping it for leafy green veggies avocado things. That will actually reduce your insulin response. This alone will make it so that you are going to lose weight. It’s not necessarily that the lectins are causing you lose weight. Is just looking at the swaps that are going on here and as a result of not having I higher influent producing types of foods? This will make it so that your body isn’t in that fat storing phase but rather in the fat-burning phase. And for Kelly Clarkson I don’t know what she was eating before. But some of the biggest culprits that cause this high insulin response which leads to weight gain are things like processed breads pasta crackers. Those munchie types of items that are high and glucose high in that starchy carb and make it so that your body is going to be in that insulin fat storing mode. Other foods that aren’t allowed in the plant paradox type of diet are corn which is another one that’s a starchy carbohydrate that will cause your body to produce more insulin and keep you in that fat storing mode. But on that note of corn Kelly Clarkson also really emphasized that she was having organic non-gmo foods. So when it comes to the plant paradox method and Dr. Gunn Drees method causing you to lose weight.

7 day keto diet plan

It really probably isn’t the lectins that you’re removing that’s causing you lose weight. Rather just swapping those unhealthier versions of food like pasta and crackers that contain lectin or something more nutrient-dense that isn’t going to cause you to be in that storing mode right. Well what about her thyroid medication. Why is it that she’s able to go off of her thyroid medication? As a result hormone balance is something that’s a really complex issue. It’s not that just one change will make everything go away. In fact I have a whole hormone balancing series that you can check out if you’re interested right here. But one thing that has been linked to any type of hormone imbalance or specifically even thyroid is having inflammation in the body. Now Kelly Clarkson mentioned that she really focused on organic non-gmo foods. So pesticides and GMO foods so genetically modified organisms. Both of those have been found to increase your gut inflammation. This highly increases your chance of having systemic or entire body inflammation so just by having organic. So not having pesticides in your body, not having GMO foods, this makes it so that the gut inflammation is lower. It’s a healthier gut environment which can lower the systemic or hold body inflammation and that in it could have a really big effect on the thyroid health alone plus with the whole plant paradox method she was increasing her healthy fats which I don’t like to call them healthy fat. And you can check out why with this article but you know healthy fats like avocados and other oils and having higher amounts of fat will cause your body to have a more stable blood glucose level. So that you don’t have those spikes and insulin so that your body isn’t in storing mode plus those fats are needed in order to decrease our systemic inflammation. Again that make sense, she’s not having high amounts of sugar that will cause information. She’s including fats that will stabilize her blood glucose levels and decrease inflammation. And she’s having organic non-gmo foods which will also decrease her gut inflammation and can lead to whole body decrease inflammation and that combination can also lead to making it so it improves her thyroid health. Again I don’t know what she was eating before. So it’s really hard for me to assess this but assuming that she was including some type of crackers or bread in her diet that are very nutrient poor. She’s replacing that with foods that contain minerals that are needed in order to produce thyroid hormone in the first place. So by decreasing inflammation and providing things that actually are needed by her body in order to produce those thyroid hormones. Then that can make it so that she’s able to naturally heal her thyroid. Going back to this whole issue of lectins and whether or not you should be avoiding them.

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I always like to go back to the people who are the longest lived in the world. So people in Sardinia and Italy, they actually eat quite a few amount of beans. So in general beans have been a pretty big part of the Italian diet. The Mediterranean diet in general and as we know the Mediterraneans are living very long healthy lives with very low rates of any diseases let alone inflammatory diseases. And they’re having a lot of things like beans. I know we always associate aliens with pasta but that actually isn’t really necessarily the case. They actually do have a lot of beans and legumes. So like I mentioned I studied abroad in Italy studying the Mediterranean diet and learning methods of how they actually cooked the meals as well as the science that goes along with it. And something that’s really lost in especially America is that we don’t cook our food ourselves anymore. So if we were to cook our food ourselves especially something like beans which does contain these lectins and what you do is actually soak dry beans. So let me have to show you I actually have a ton of beans that I utilize on a daily basis. There are some beans right here which are dry. They’re definitely not edible yet. What you would do in order to actually reduce the lectin content where it’s essentially non-existent for beans is you soak them in water for 24 hours or overnight at least 12 hours really. And this helps to basically activate the beans then you cook them for anywhere between one and two hours. And this whole process has been found to dramatically decrease the lection content that’s in beans. It’s also why you won’t get bloated when you have beans that are made from scratch. So we’re really used to in America just grabbing something quick. Grabbing the canned beans and those will contain high amounts of lectins because those companies don’t necessarily go through the whole process of removing the lectins the proper way by soaking them and then cooking them. Because that takes a lot of time and that means the time is money right. And really that yeah that sounds like a lot of time and prep in order to make beans but there’s so many studies that show that beans are actually linked to decrease body mass index, decrease weight and just improve quality of life. In general it’s not something you should be totally getting rid of. There are these polysaccharides that are released from the beans as well. This outer layer of the means when you do with them the proper way and that makes it so that it reduces bloating. And then therefore it reduces got inflammation. So just by having beans the proper way and utilizing it the way of that Italians have been doing it for hundreds of years. And you’ll be able to eat beans and get the benefits from them and feel good.

7 day keto diet plan

In fact I have a whole post on exactly how to make beans from scratch. It’s really simple and not hard but I have the post down in the description below. So you can check it out but totally ditching things like beans and tomatoes and cucumbers. Things that contain lectins aren’t a good idea. Your diet at this point and you’re not getting a good variety these are foods that we’ve been having for a very long time. And the longest live people in the world still have on a regular basis. It’s just really what it comes down to is making sure that you’re feeding yourself those foods and making them yourselves rather than relying on a food company to do it for you. Because if you are really concerned about decrease information then just in general always cooking those things for yourself or anything for yourself is going to be extremely beneficial in point having the beans made from scratch rather than buying in a can. So if you are looking to lose weight instead of ditching those healthy foods ditch the unhealthy processed grains and processed carbohydrates and high sugary foods that are actually causing your body to have high insulin levels. And keep you in fat storing them plus by ditching those foods you’ll decrease your inflammation as well. So it really is a win-win and in fact if you are looking to lose weight I highly recommend that you buy these pills below which go over the top 10 ways you can lose weight without counting calories.

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