If you are trying to find out the benefits or side effects of Keto diet then keep reading. Keto diet can affect individuals differently. Some might feel light weight and energetic whereas some might feel Keto energy loss and feel tiredness. You might get positive or negative Keto energy depending on your metabolism and hormones. For some, keto diet may give them Keto energy and affect their body positively. But for some, they might feel tired and fatigued and loss Keto energy if they are not eating the right means or not following the proper Keto diet. So, technically either you can gain more Keto energy or lose Keto energy depending on if you know what you are doing. If you want the positive Keto energy from your keto diet then keep reading about the benefits below. However Keto diet and Keto energy might not suit everyone. Therefore, we will recommend some weight loss Keto energy supplements below which you can definitely try for faster results. So you started Keto and now you’re fatigued and you want to throw in the towel because it’s been maybe a couple weeks, maybe even a couple of months. And you’re just not getting your energy back and you’re just I am so exhausted. I’m going to give you some reasons to why this could be happening and I’m going to break them down sort of in a time frame if you just started. It’s probably this if you’re six weeks in or it’s probably this if you’re a couple months in and you’re still fatigued. It’s probably this and I’ll give you some solutions and also give you some peace of mind. So I don’t want you to quit because there is an explanation to it all right. We’re going to break it all down. Alright let’s break this down. The first reason that you might be exhausted after starting the keto diet is more than likely a mineral issue. Let me give you a little bit of a different explanation. You’ve probably heard of the keto flu and the keto flu is not a real flu. It’s not literally flu as it’s usually a mineral issue. Now what happens is when we first deprive our self of carbohydrates for any period of time then our kidneys expel water. So the kidneys are kind of like hey what is going on. Like there are no carbohydrates coming in. It’s a natural response for them to just shuttle water out but you know what goes along with water minerals. We lose our sodium, potassium, magnesium and this is where issues arise and let me explain a little bit more depth. Sodium for instance when we’re deprived of sodium or when we start excreting it rapidly then we end up having a massive migration of fluid from outside the cell to the inside of the cell. Now the brain cells are exceptionally sensitive to this so that means we have a big influx of water coming to the inside of the cell.

And that’s making it so that our brain ends up feeling kind of weird. We feel dizzy, fatigued and those are the kind of things that we feel. Where we feel like we’re just fatigued, we’re not physically fatigued as we’re actually mentally fatigued. That’s messing us up okay the other thing that we have to look at is potassium. The potassium issue is more so related with nerves and muscles so you end up feeling the weakness. You end up feeling sometimes even the cramping so that’s going to be a potassium issue. Now lastly we have the magnesium issue. So if you start getting some eye twitching or maybe some weird cramping or some weird twitching in other parts of your body and just general muscle weakness. That is more than likely a magnesium issue. So what I’m saying here is that there are a lot of things you could do. I can tell you to drink a bunch of electrolytes and it might help. But the sad reality is when you first start a keto diet; your body is trying to get back to equilibrium. It’s trying to balance your excreting a lot of water. It’s just trying to find homeostasis. So I just don’t want you to quit simply because you feel a little bit of fatigue from this. It’s a simple natural process and it will get better. Now if you have gone through keto for a couple of weeks and you’re still fatigued. It could be the simple carb transition and what it’s doing with dopamine in your brain. Hear me out on this what happens is in the nucleus accumbens portion of the brain. We receive dopamine hits and they give us the satisfaction sense of reward. Much like you know a recreational drug would right. It’s called the mesolimbic pathway. So when consume something that feels good or tastes good, we get a reward in our brain. Now with carbs that happens a lot and it’s been proven in multiple studies that it activates the mesolimbic pathway in the same way that drugs do but just in a smaller fashion. So what do we do? Well in this particular case we probably noticed that we’re moody, we have anxiety and these cravings of course. We have fatigue and so there are some solutions. I’ll explain them in a second but first a quick study. So the journal nutrients published a study that found that there was a significant change in cravings and hunger after 12 weeks on a ketogenic diet compared to a high-fiber diet which is also supposed to be a very highly satiating diet. So the point is if you can stick it out for 10-12 weeks then you’re definitely going to get over the whole dopamine issue. That’s basically how long it takes for the brain to reset from an addiction. Now this is assuming you have a carb addicted mess acerra lee constitute everyone that’s fatigue.

Let me give you a way that you can start using ketones faster and hopefully get through this a little bit better aerobic exercise instead of high intensity exercise while you are transitioning. I’ve talked about a couple of different things and not going to be wrong. I love my high-intensity interval training but it comes into play after you’re fat adapted. You see fatty acid oxidation and fatty acid mobilization occurs better at like a 25% to 60% of your maximum heart rate range which means like easy cardio actually mobilizes fat a lot better. More fat that’s getting mobilized gets into the liver to get turned into ketones which will blunt the cravings and make it so that you can get through this carb addiction a little bit better. We want to start producing ketones faster. Now the other thing we have to look at is something known as carnitine palmitoyl transferase or CPT one. CPT one is what allows fat to get into the cell when we start pushing in at a high intensity CPT one drops. Again not a big deal but when we’re first starting Aikido it is a big deal because we want more fat mobilized and more fat and ketones into the cell. So we just want to be careful. There what happens is the fat essentially gets trapped in the capillary beds because all the blood is rushing to the muscle and not going to the fat anymore? So fats just kind of hanging out like hey weird all the blood go that’s going to mobilize me I guess. I’ll just hang out here okay so that’s simply put all it is. So if you do low intensity work then you’re going to create those ketones a little bit faster. Now the other thing we have to look at is you inefficient at creating ketones. This is something that varies widely from person to person. And it’s dissolved genetics and age and all these different things in somewhat environmental factors. But in efficiency of creating ketones is a big deal. There’s a study those published in the journal metabolism, clinical and experimental and it took a look at the renal excretion of ketones. The main ones that looked at of course acetoacetate beta-hydroxybutyrate. Now the reason it was measuring this is it wanted to see what happened when individuals were producing a bunch of ketones over a period of time. Now what they found was that over time our bodies actually lessened the production of ketones because they got very efficient at it and increased the retention of them. So at the beginning of a study ketones work screen and heavily through the urine. That’s like when you use those test strips when you pee on them to test if you’re in ketosis. You see a ton of the beginning and then it falls. It’s simply because you have a big info of them. Your body’s not efficient so it’s probably making too many and your body’s cells aren’t using them.

Such excreting then as you get more efficient, your body holds on to them and doesn’t excrete them through the urine. It’s like wait a minute, these are good things we can recycle them and it’s kind of like hidden treasure. It’s like you were cleaning out your garage and all of a sudden you’re like wait a minute these are dollar bills I can do something with these. So your body does the same things like wait these are precious ketones. Don’t get rid of them, go ahead and recycle them. Spare the energy from the liver creating new ones and go ahead and use these ones that haven’t been burned up yet its efficiency if your body has to spend a lot of time creating ketones. All the time and you’re not adapted and adjusted it could make you fatigued. It’s diverting blood flow so that efficiency is a big thing and again that varies from person to person. It could be a month, could be three months. The point is we have this big window in which you could be fatigued and you have to stick it out. I’m here to motivate you on this case. All right then we have fad adaptation which is how the cells actually learn to use fat and ketones. In the beginning the cells are kind of like whoa this is a new food coming in. Here like what’s going on we don’t exactly know or what’s going on. But we’ll trust you and we’ll use it well. As you start getting more adapted the cells are like hey I kind of like this guy I can use them and start using them for energy. This is great. Now it comes down to the mitochondria and its ability to utilize those fats mitochondrial density. So we look at something known as mitochondrial biogenesis which is a complicated way of simply saying that. It’s how long it takes for the mitochondria to die and then new mitochondria to form that are adapted. So it’s a thing called a half life so mitochondria have about a one to two week half-life which means when it dies. It takes about a week or two for a new one to be created now. It usually takes about five cycles of half-life before we’ve reached equilibrium. So a half life cuts basically it in half and then in half again in half again and half again until we have a brand-new mitochondria. Essentially five half life’s later so anywhere from five to ten weeks.

keto energy

Does it take for the mitochondria to truly become fat adapted? So my point here is it could take 10-12 weeks for you to get fat adapted. If you’re still fatigued after 12 weeks, I feel like you might need to re-evaluate what you are actually eating. But you may want to look at increasing protein or increasing fats one or the other not both the same time. So your ratios are different and see if that improves. Okay so mineral imbalances car addictions last transition withdrawal, aerobic exercise to help that inefficiency of creating ketones. And then true fat adaptation and your body actually utilizing those fats. So hope this article gave you a really good breakdown. I hope it gave you what you needed to have success with this and not throw in the towel as always to keep it.

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