Dieting is the most common practice or method for losing weight. KETO PURE DIET is the most popular dieting method of all the diets. In this article, we are going to answer all the questions related to KETO PURE DIET. You should read this article and understand everything about your body before you start your KETO PURE DIET. Every human body is not the same and responds differently if you are on KETO PURE DIET. You need to consult with experts first before you start your KETO PURE DIET in order to know what is best suited to your body. KETO PURE DIET is not some magic with which you can lose 100 pounds in just 1 day but it is more to do with getting you ready mentally. Once you start following KETO PURE DIET then your body will start releasing toxins so that it can be purified. You need to know exactly which recipes and ingredients to include in your KETO PURE DIET. If you are a beginner and just starting out with KETO PURE DIET then read this article and click on the link below to create your custom meal plan now. Let’s dive into the topic of ketogenic diet as the ketogenic diet is something that is widely discussed since a couple of years. The keto the sito cesitos effect is something that is now more and more documented scientifically to have positive effects on different diagnosis. So the ketos the ketogenic diet has appeared more and more over the last years. And as a clinic that specializes in fasting integrative medicine and inspiration. We have also started to talk and to study the effect of the ketogenic diet. So for everybody who doesn’t really have an idea on the ketogenic diet, let’s start with a simple first question that what is ketosis and what is the ketogenic diet. So ketosis is if you change your diet and you reduce the diet to a very low amount of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of proteins and a huge amount of fat and then slowly after one to four, five days. Sometimes even longer you’re starting to produce ketones because the body needs a constant amount of energy. And if we run out of carbs then the body knows how to flip to the ketosis. It’s a very well-known mechanism which leads us that we still are here because if we wouldn’t have this mechanism then we wouldn’t be here. So this is what we are doing and bringing the people slowly into ketosis. But of course it’s not for everybody. So it’s a change in metabolism so if I stop to eat and I use my reserves in my body then my body switches into ketosis where my fat is transformed into ketone bodies. Correct exactly okay wow so that is when you’re going into the fast. You stop completely eating and the calories are restricted to maybe a 200 per day.


And after a while all your reserves are also burned and the body switches to the fat. We have enough fat stored in our body and the fat is then transported to the liver. And the liver is the organ that transforms the carbs, the fat into the ketones. So now you’ve talked about fasting and the diet and these are two ways to reach the effect of ketosis. Let’s first talk a little bit more about the diet. So you say the diet is composed of low carbohydrates and high amount of good fats. Good food that’s very important. So what does a diet a day of a ketogenic diet look like and how does somebody feel who is on the ketogenic diet. The feeling is a very good point because when you go into ketosis, we speak about the keto flu. It is a bit this changing metabolism effect that you feel a bit weak. Some people have also muscle pain or you’re losing also a lot of water that can lead you to headaches. You feel a bit dizzy maybe that is these are the first effects of going into ketosis. But with our fasting minerals people can profit a lot and they don’t have these massive effects. So that’s very helpful giving the people these minerals and these minerals is something that we developed here at the buchener will help me clinic to support people during their fast and during their switch into ketosis. That’s very important because when your insulin drops as insulin is something that stores minerals and when that drops you can reduce a lot of water. But also the minerals and that can give you this keto flu and I’m always telling people okay listen that can occur doesn’t be you. Doesn’t have to be worried about that is changing after a few days you’re fine with it. So usually the switch in metabolism that I can achieve through a diet that is high on fat, low on carbohydrates. I can also achieve that of course if I’m fasting one of the effects of fasting is that I switch the metabolism and I go into this ketosis state. We’ve learned that sometimes in the switching there can be. They can have a certain effects like you called it the keto flu. That’s pretty cool is how does it continue. So I am in ketosis, my body has switched into this metabolism. What happens and why is this effect so positive, what happens is that after usually it’s like three days people tell. I’m my brain is working much better, I’m feeling more energetic, I don’t need that much sleep, I have a lot of energy and well that’s very positive. Somebody once explained to me is if you think back about the very ancient times when this was the moment where you would search for food. This is a like the ancient hunter and gatherer. It is a moment where you were looking for food.


You need to be alert, you need to be energized, and you need to be able to find the food. And you’re very clear in your mind and you have a lot of power. You have a lot of energy as well and this is really most people tell me. And the other side effect is that you’re not hungry anymore and that’s very important for people who are suffering a lot from being constantly hungry and searching for food all the times. So for them it’s really a huge benefit. The positive effects of ketosis are that you are in a certain alert state, you’re more present and you’re much focused. What else happens in the body, what kind of diagnosis is known to be able to respond very well to ketosis. So first of all this diet is out there for quite a long time because people who suffer from epilepsy, they profited a lot from ketogenic diet. And there was a lot of research done especially for children who didn’t respond to any treatment. They really could reduce their seizures a lot and that was very beneficial for them. If you can imagine and so there were a lot of research done but at the university we were told. So you will never get in touch with these kinds of diets because there are so many people out there. But now it changed my whole life and we do that very often in the clinic. We have a lot of people demanding that also after the fasting staying in ketosis because they really adore this beneficial effect other than these people of course with a diabetes type two. So they profit enormously because after a few days already, you see that the sugar is dropping but of course you need to be supervised and watched. Because there is also something we call it the keto acidosis which is dangerous and therefore this is when there are too many ketones in the blood. And there is then a huge acidosis which is very dangerous. I can have too much ketones in my body and this is especially if you’re suffering from type one diabetes and two. If you go too quickly into ketosis and you’re not doing in a proper way. So you need to have a certain, you need to dive into it and that’s what I’m also looking for. You know this is your job too exactly. Do you see the people and then you take them in the hand and you go with them into kittens? How do you avoid being too much into in ketosis? You avoided by changing the diet slowly. You’re not going from 100 carbs to zero. So you’re going down slowly and you’re increasing slowly the fatty acids and the good fats. We keep, we continue the muesli but of course we take out the cereals but we keep on with the good healthy fatty acids, the linseed oil every day.


And then we add instead of the cereals, we add then flakes, coconut flakes or sunflower seeds or other nuts and we keep with fruits but maybe 50 grams, the berries.  Now the berry season and that’s very helpful and it’s very delicious also. Well it’s that’s interesting so and in fasting how do how can I imagine, I mean in fasting I’m not eating anything. So how do you avoid having a keto acidose in fasting? You avoid it because also we have these days of preparation and that’s very helpful. So you don’t close down everything from one day to the other. You bring people slowly into the fasting. I mean what we’ve talked a lot about in recent years. Since research on ketosis or ketogenic diet has appeared. Is that of course one way to achieve this metabolism is by having a special diet and the other one is by fasting. We’ve shown in our study but we’ve also talked about a lot in our podcast that all of the 142 subjects were in ketosis after a certain amount of days. So how would you recommend using the ketogenic diet? Is the ketogenic diet something that somebody should do their whole life or what is your recommendation? I know a few people would do it for a very long time. First of all this is jean-jacques, we met him last year and he’s really fighting for keto diet because he was suffering from cancer. And of course that he always says it saved his life. Going on constant ketogenic diet and also doing the intermittent fasting and the fasting of course. But normally for normal people or for us, it’s good to do it in cycles and we’re not fasting all our lives. We have these periods where we do these fastings and that’s maybe also you can do it like this. Without a ketogenic diet some people already told me well after Christmas, it’s a good time to have a few weeks of ketogenic diet because that brings down the sugar, the insulin. And so they really benefit its beneficial then. So you do it in cycles and it’s a good way also to get an experience here because we have all the tools. I have a great team in the kitchen that is really supporting me because it’s not so easy.  I mean doing that and we give you everyday salads as a starter and then there is a main course. So based on a lot of vegetables and then we add the healthy cold pressed oils, non-hydrogenated ones. So really the pure oils that’s very important. Let’s talk a little bit about when is it good to do a ketogenic diet or a keto cycle. What are the reasons somebody should do it? It’s good that you’re talking about keto cycles because it’s not for everybody and it’s not forever. So you’re going on cycles and it’s especially recommended for people who are suffering from metabolic disorders.

keto pure diet

First of all there is of course a type 2 diabetes. For those people, it’s really highly recommended because the insulin drops immediately and that’s one of the indications. A second one is definitely if you have any brain issues like migraines. But it’s also there out now a lot of scientific studies made with people suffering from alzheimer’s disease and they’re really profiting a lot. They keep telling that their brain fog is going away and also some people who are constantly eating sugar, they are telling me I’m suffering from this brain fog and I can’t think clearly anymore and they also profit from it. Also people suffering from I have to look at that. It’s parkinson disease, the parkinson’s disease. Also we have clients up there that did the ketogenic diet and really improve their medical situation. So that is another indication for that and of course overweight. If you’re trying to reduce weight with the calorie restricted diet and you turn out to eat a lot of sugar. You always dive into these insulin ups and downs which make it very hard for you to resist eating and they’re so happy when they go on the keto diet. And they don’t have this need anymore to eat constantly so they have a really a huge benefit. So what somebody who’s on the ketogenic diet with the diagnosis you just mentioned? What kind of positive effects can there be? So you said the brain fog gets lifted, you feel more, energized, clearer. Your weight stabilizes or drops so these are the most benefits but also your blood pressure is going down. So sometimes you can see that in the first few days already harmonizing. It’s harmonizing yeah, you need less sleep, you wake up more in the morning and you’re really fresh. So you have a lot of energy but of course as always it’s not for everybody and it’s not for all the time. And this is also what I keep telling people make sure it’s a circle. It’s a certain time and then you can shift also to something else but first of all get fix your metabolism which is very important and people are so much better than before. So it’s not for all the time, it’s for a specific time where people are in need of a ketogenic cycle. And we should like always keep it in balance. Like always on because there are also some certain side effects I believe. So what could happen if you overdo the ketogenic diets? Of course there are also negative side effects but some of them are also due to a bad keto diet. First is constipation and if you’re eating only proteins or if you do eat a lot of low fiber keto diet then of course you have this side effect. Here nobody ever had a problem with this because we have this linseed seeds which are really high in fibers.

keto pure diet

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