This article is going to focus on the topic on losing weight using Metformin. You must be reading this article as you want to read METFORMIN WEIGHT LOSS STORIES. We cannot guarantee anything as are not doctors but can definitely suggest some weight loss pills below which can work for you and you do not need to read METFORMIN WEIGHT LOSS STORIES. METFORMIN WEIGHT LOSS STORIES can be inspiring to you but should be the basis of making a decision. Every human body responds differently to certain drugs and it is no where mentioned that you only need to find METFORMIN WEIGHT LOSS STORIES and cannot use any other drug for weight loss. Try the pills below for positive weight loss results. Metformin has become very popular over the past few years. It’s by far the number one recommended drug for the first level of diabetes and it’s the number one recommended drug by the American College of Endocrinologists and the American Diabetic Association. But that’s not why I’m doing a series on it. I use it a lot because of insulin resistance pre-diabetes. You have to remember my population heart attack and stroke prevention two-thirds of three-quarters of the heart attacks and strokes that are occurring in my population and in this country overall are occurring because of insulin resistance and even full-blown diabetes. If you remember the concept that over half of us get insulin resistance during our 50s then you start realizing how prevalent it is. Then you realize that not only do most insulin resistant folks not realize that even a third of full-blown diabetics don’t realize it. When you start looking at what I’m dealing with. What I’m looking for cleaning this plaque out of arteries and slowing down this inflammation of plaque and realizing that three-quarters of that plaque is being caused by having blood sugar levels that are too high. Then again you start realizing the importance of medications like metformin. Metformin is actually this article however is on weight loss and metformin. Patients will routinely come in with an OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test of 150 or higher and evidence that they’ve had that for decades and yet no notice of that by their docs. I understand why and we can talk about that in other articles. But a blood look level of 140 glucose has been shown clearly to cause damage to eyes, tendons pancreas, kidneys and arteries. As we just as demonstrated well so again that’s why you begin to see the importance of a medication like metformin very common. And the usual first recommendation that we have is to change lifestyle to improve diet and exercise but when you read books like why we get fat and what to do about it. Other a blood sugar 101 some of these books show some clear evidence that of a concept that we don’t get fat because we eat too much. We eat too much because our metabolism, our genetics and our age are making us fat.KETOCUSTOMPLAN

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It may sound like an excuse but just read up on it study it before you argue that. So again quite often we’ll always start with lifestyle but quite often these patients need metformin. Sometimes pioglitazone is an option when they go on metformin they routinely loses weight why glucose metabolism is a very complicated thing. Glucose first in terms of what we’re looking for it starts in the GI tract. It’s absorbed, it goes into the blood, goes to the liver is released and then you’ve got glucose in the blood trying to get inside the cell. It goes through the cell membrane and this is either in the liver or them. So then it gets inside the cell. Once it gets inside the cell that’s transported to the mitochondria. What are the mitochondria? The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and it’s got a lot of things going on in it. But it makes the majority of our energy. It starts burning glucose in a process called glycolysis. Now there are things like the enzymes like AMPK which are critical to the multiple processes. In this area metformin results in improvement and amplification of ampk. Ampk and other metabolic activities down these pathways and Cascades seem to get old and rusty as we get older. And metformin tends to amp these activities back up so we start burning fat instead of storing it. We start taking sugar out of the blood, we start recycling cellular wastes to burn them. It’s a process called Altaf AG again multiple areas along these steps of glucose metabolism are improved by metformin. Now having said all of that there’s evidence that the biggest impact from from metformin is just stopping the what we call gluconeogenesis. Dumping of glucose back into the bloodstream by the liver. We’ll talk about that later too but again its clear glue on metformin can talk and cause weight loss even in non diabetic patients. Now having said that consider the fact that insulin resistance or pre-diabetes is so grossly under diagnosed in this country. It sort of fogs the term when you say metformin results in weight loss for non diabetics, the resultant weight loss for folks even without glucose metabolism problems. Some of the most challenging patients of polycystic ovary disease. Many of those do have glucose metabolism problems patients on psychiatric medications. There have been studies with middle-aged females that did not have known glucose metabolism problems again time and time. And time again metformin did result in improved weight loss, improved metabolism of glucose. Now we’re going to have it again a series of articles on metformin. This one was on weight loss. We’ll also talk about a neurologic function and performance dementia, senile dementia is being called by many people type 3 diabetes. It seems to be very much related to impaired glucose metabolism. Metformin has been shown to help, metformin has been approved for research in anti-aging by the FDA – a researcher up at Einstein College in New York, Einstein Medical School a fellow named Barzilai. So we’ll be looking at anti-aging neurologic performance. In this article, we looked at weight loss, cardiovascular performance of prevention and of course in insulin resistance in us baby boomers. But there’s even one other thing prevention of cancer so a lot of things going on with metformin.

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